Year: 2015

Souvenirs from Japan

When one is a gardener, the other is a chef and they are BOTH designers you might get the idea how exciting it’s going to be when they shop in Japan. I mean there are so much good ingredients, the world’s best tools and visual pleasures in that country. We appreciate tools that will last for a lifetime or even more, tools that someone has made with their own hands, with love. And guess what? It happens that the chef and the gardener are heavy users of knives, saws and scissors. So when we visited several different workshop where they have made those tools since the age of Samurai, we just got nuts. The chef bought five different kitchen knives and two whetstones (and amazed the makers with his knowledge of Japanese knives and how to sharpen knives). Two of the knives has his name engraved in Japanese, forged by the maker of these knives. The gardener (that’s me) bought a Japanese scissors for cutting plants and those scissors also have her name engraved on them. We spent over an …


Christmas Eve morning moments

I woke up this morning when it was still dark, when everyone else was sleeping. After exhausting work weeks behind me this is my first day off. And it’s the Christmas Eve. I put my woollen socks on and started to wrap the last gifts, put the kettle on for coffee, made an omelette for my Chef. Moments just for me. Perfect. I hope to you all a very Relaxing, Joyful and Merry Christmas! Take moments to enjoy everything little and big and beautiful and magical in life.   Heräsin tänä aamuna niin aikaisin, että oli vielä ihan pimeää ja kaikki muut vielä nukkuivat. Aika uuvuttavien viimeisten työviikkojen jälkeen, tänään on ensimmäinen vapaapäiväni. Ja on jouluaatto. Pistin villasukat jalkaan ja aloin paketoida viimeisiä lahjoja, pistin vedenkeittimen päälle kahvia varten, tein munakkaan Kokilleni. Hetkiä vain minulle. Täydellistä. Toivotan teille kaikille erittäin Rentouttavaa, Riemuisaa ja Hyvää Joulua! Ottakaa itsellenne hetkiä nauttia kaikista pienistä, isoista, kauniista ja ihmeellisistä asioista elämässä.

Christmas tree forest

Working in a garden center at the Christmas time is the most atmospheric moment of the year. This is the first time that I’m also selling Christmas trees here. I do not want to advertise but that “forest of Christmas trees” is quite awesome, something that I haven’t seen before. The smell of spruce, fire and mulled wine is so good. You can just wander around in “the forest” and choose your favorite tree. After the choice has been made, you can leave the tree in “the forest” until it’s the time for your Christmas tree to come home. So it’s like a car park but with Christmas trees. Super easy! And every tree has been watered and taken care of so the long-lasting quality is guaranteed.   Puutarhamyymälässä työskentely joulunaikaan on kyllä kaikkein tunnelmallisin hetki vuodessa. Tänä vuonna miäkin myyn ensimmäistä kertaa joulukuusia täällä. En halua mainostaa, mutta tämä “joulukuusimetsä” on aika mahtava, jotain sellaista mitä en ite oo aiemmin kokenut. Kuusten, tulen ja glögin tuoksu on niin hyvä! “Metsässä” voi vain vaellella ympäriinsä ja valita rauhassa oman …

DIY: Beeswax candles

  It never stops to amaze me how much wonderful things nature can give to us. This time it’s the beeswax, provided by the bees. It’s one of the world’s oldest ingredients for candles, cosmetics and so many other applications. I also love honey and I love the smell of these beeswax candles (reminds me of childhood visits to the Orthodox monasteries). These candles are just the perfect little Christmas presents because they are lovely, super-easy to make and I bet everyone appreciates that you made them yourself. I ordered beeswax sheets (size: 15 cm x 42,5 cm) from here but make sure you use your local beeswax (there’s lots of producers out there). I also ordered the candle wick with the right thickness (3×10) for my approximately  17-32 mm wide candles. That’s really important if you want your candles to burn evenly and nice. Here we go then: You’ll need one sheet of beeswax. Decide how tall candles do you want and measure the length of the candle wick. Put the wick on the other edge of the …

straw christmas decoration

ZK Christmas

I love Christmas time! Or actually I love the pre-Christmas time. Getting the decorations out from the closet, buying seasonal flowers, making wreaths, baking, everything. I want my home to smell, feel and look like the Christmas is coming soon. This year it’s the first time that I (we) got my own Christmas tree. I’m so in love with it. This is the first time we got a flat so big that there’s enough space for the tree. I want to enjoy the Christmas as long as possible so the tree is already up and standing. We decorated it with traditional Finnish straw decorations and candles. Simple but beautiful. I feel that I’ve reached a certain point of adulthood now that I got my own Christmas tree. It feels awesome! TIP! Our tree isn’t the traditional spruce (Norway spruce), Picea abies. It’s Serbian spruce, Picea omorika, that has more blueish color to it and it keeps its needles better. Perfect for enjoying the tree for a longer time. Our Christmas is more about simplicity, folk, plants, good food …

street garden Japan

The street gardens of Japan

For a plant lover there is so much to look at in Japan. Because almost every little space is filled with plants and flowers. I literally couldn’t move quite fast in the street because I had to photograph every single street garden I noticed. Here’s a few.   Tällaiselle kasvifanille Japani tarjoaa niin paljon katseltavaa. Koska lähes jokainen pieni tila kaduilla, pihoissa, missä vaan, on täytetty kasveilla ja kukilla. En kirjaimellisesti kyennyt liikkumaan kovin kovaa, koska parin metrin välein piti pysähtyä valokuvaamaan paikallisten ihania katupuutarhoja. Tässä muutamia.     

Kenroku-en Japan Kanazawa

TOP 3: Japan gardens

I start my post series about Japan with a Top 3 of the greatest gardens we visited during our trip there. There are hundreds of beautiful gardens in Japan, we missed so many. Some of the gardens we visited were amazing beyond words, some of them were OK and full of tourists. But maybe this list of mine will give you some hint where you should definitely go, when visiting Japan and its gardens. And I think that I will be back there some day, so please, give me hints where to go next time (what did I miss?).   Aloitan mun Japani-aiheiset bloggaukset tärkeimmällä eli Top 3 mahtavimmat puutarhat, missä kävimme matkallamme. Japanissa on satoja tajuttoman kauniita puutarhoja ja mekin missasimme niin monia. Jotkut puutarhat ovat sanoinkuvaamattoman ihmeellisiä, jotkut ihan ok ja täynnä turisteja. Mutta ehkä tämä minunkin lista auttaa saamaan jotain vihjettä, missä kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä, jos Japani ja puutarhat kiinnostavat. Ja luulenpa, että itekin palaan vielä tuohon maahan jonain päivänä, joten mullekin saa antaa vinkkiä, missä vielä pitäisi käydä.   Top 1. …

Japan camelia

Back from Japan

Oh Japan Japan. We got back yesterday night and this is just a sneak peek because there’s about 4000 photos to be sorted out. Yes, there is. But I promise there will be lots of Japan posts soon. Japan was a dream come true and even more. The culture shock yesterday after arriving back to Finland was horrible. I felt more home in Japan. It’s so hard to explain why but luckily my Z shares my thoughts so there’s one person who understands. The Japanese culture, food, gardens, people made so big impression to us. And as we experienced a little earthquake in Kyoto, I think at the same time my whole world was shaken a bit. In a really good way.  

Japan, here we come!

It’s time! Today we’re flying to Japan. I’m beyond excited, cannot believe this is finally happening. The blog will be quiet for two weeks (or maybe more) but I promise I share every little garden detail after we’ve come back. OMG! JAPAN!!!!!! Nyt on aika! Tänään lennämme Japaniin. Oon enemmän kuin innoissani, en usko, että tämä päivä vihdoin tuli. Blogi tulee olemaan hiljainen ainakin kaksi viikkoa (ehkä hieman kauemminkin) mutta lupaan, että jaan jokaisen puutarhoihin liittyvän yksityiskohdan, kun olemme saapuneet takaisin. OMG!!! JAPANI!!!