Month: March 2015

garden tools

Garden essentials for spring

The spring is here and soon you will be busy with your garden work. But do you have all the needed tools? In my opinion garden tools should be as beautiful as any items you purchase for your home. Why would you buy any different style than what you love? I want my garden tools to be practical but stylish in a timeless way. Natural wooden handles with stainless steel and hint of oh-so-trendy copper. I think natural materials are the way to go because they last longer and are more beautiful to your eyes. Visuality is important. And when you take good care of your tools, they will last almost forever. Now that’s ecological. Here’s my favorite picks for this season. They are the garden essentials that I would love to have to make my gardening moments even more stylish. Tools that I don’t need to hide anywhere because they are so ugly.   Kevät on täällä ja pian me kaikki olemme kiireisiä puutarhahommiemme kanssa. Mutta löytyykö sulta kaikki tarvittavat työvälineet? Oma mielipiteeni on …

shingle basket

Learning the shingle things

When you see the picture above I bet you go: “Well, that’s not too impressive”. But you know what?! That shingle basket was the very first that I made myself. Have you tried to make one? It’s not easy and my story started in a hot and sunny day last summer… I have always wanted to learn the craft of making a shingle basket. Unfortunately my grandfathers weren’t here long enough to teach me and I don’t know anyone who has that skill. I love the rough look of the basket and I use one almost every day when I go to the store. In the autumn it’s well in use when we are going to pick some mushroom. So last summer I accidentally found old bunch of shingles at my dad’s. He told me that those were the shingles that my grandpa once made. I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to try to make that basket. Well, I’m very independent and self-willed girl so I started to make one. …

Folk Jee Facebook

Folk Jee on Facebook

Guess what?! Folk Jee is now also on Facebook so you can follow us even more easier. Preview of every new article will be posted there also. I’ll see you there.   Arvatkaapa mitä?! Folk Jee on nyt myös Facebookissa, jotta voitte seurata sivustoa vielä helpommin. Makupala jokaisesta artikkelista ilmestyy myös siis Facebookiin. Nähdään siellä!

Douro valley

Cruising through Douro valley

Last August I got a wonderful opportunity to go on a cruise through Douro valley, Portugal (there are advantages when your mom is working in a travel agency). One week in a cruise boat, just sailing on the river Douro and watching the changing landscape and vineyards. It was so beautiful and quite relaxing! And I love to get to know new places and cultures and landscapes. Our Earth is quite amazing, you know. Once again I also got jealous to this country where they can grow anything they need (not happening in Finland). If you go to the local store (in any small or bigger town) every single item or product is produced in Portugal. I love that!! I tasted some great wines made of the grapes just few meters away and I tasted the grapes, too. But the landscapes were the greatest. We flew to the city of Porto where we boarded the boat. Near the sea the nature was more like a jungle, so green and lush. When we moved to the upper reaches of the river, …


My favorite spring flowers

Spring, oh spring! How I adore you! It’s been so nice to have sunshine for the past two weeks. The snow is gone and everything is changing (including life but I’ll tell you about that later.) This is the time when you are eagerly waiting all the green things. I know I am. I think the spring flowers are my favorites. Just because they are the much needed splash of color that we need after a long long dark season. There are also so many beautiful spring plants. Like who wouldn’t love tulips?! Snake’s head (Fritillaria meleagris) is a favorite of mine. It’s so delicate and at the same time a bit weird and dangerous looking. But I also love grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum), Viola and actually every single spring flower.  Kevät, oi kevät! Kuinka sua rakastankaan! On ollut niin ihanaa, kun aurinko on paistanut melkein kaksi viikkoa putkeen. Lumi on lähtenyt ja kaikki on jotenkin muutostilassa (myös elämä, mutta kerron siitä myöhemmin.) Tämä on se aika vuodesta, kun odottaa innokkaasti kaikkea vihreää. Ainakin miä odotan. …

Pro Puu art

Pro Puu Association

Yesterday I spent the day at Lahti. One of the interesting places that I’ve been dreaming of visiting for a while now is Pro Puu Association and its center. The association is a modern guild of wood professionals like craftsmen, designers and architects. They are housed in a former match factory, a wonderful red brick building, just by the lake and harbour. There they have a gallery space and a shop but also spaces for the craftsmen to work. In the gallery there have been quite interesting exhibitions like one about Japanese wood joints. And the shop is full of beautiful wood work from different professionals. Every item has a modern Scandinavian feeling but with a touch of old world. You could just feel how much talent, skills and understanding of the materials everything these had in it. Respect.   Vietin eilisen päivän Lahdessa. Yksi mielenkiintoisimman kuuloisista paikoista, jossa mun on pitänyt käydä jo jonkun aikaa, on Pro Puu -keskus. Pro Puu ry on vähän niin kuin moderni kilta, joka kokoaa yhteen kaikki puualan ammattilaiset: puusepät, suunnittelijat ja arkkitehdit. Keskus …

ice in Näsijärvi

The power of ice

Today I witnessed the power of ice. We went for a spring biking trip to see the lake. And what an experience it was! There were some crazy people who were ice-skating on the lake. It’s been so warm (almost +10 Celsius degrees) for a week now and no one could drag me on top of the ice but there they were, the crazy Finns. And then I got even more scared. We arrived to the shore where the ice was already crumbling and climbing against the rocks. And then we heard that sound… A creepy, powerful, creaky sound that was so strong, like coming deep under the earth. The ice. The sound was like a sinking ship (never been to one but I remembered the movie Titanic and its sounds). I was sure that the whole lake would explode at any minute, the sound was so loud and dangerous. I felt myself so little and so powerless but at the same time it was so amazing to remember again how big and strong nature is.   Tänään todistin …

vinegar making kit

The Tomorrow Collective

The Tomorrow Collective from Lund University, Sweden, represents all that I want my life to be, what I value and what I hope that future will be, too. The group explores the ways of enabling us to live a sustainable life in the future. The modern looking tools and systems are inspired by past knowledge of how to grow, make and be. From tools for making your own vinegar, perfume or cheese to more simple objects, I love everything this group has done!   The Tomorrow Collective, Lundin yliopiston taideteollisen muotoilun linjalta edustaa kaikkea sitä, mitä haluan oman elämäni olevan, mitä arvostan ja mitä toivottavasti tulevaisuuskin tulee olemaan enenevissä määrin. Ryhmä suunnittelijoita tutkii keinoja saada tulevaisuuden elämisestä ekologisempaa. Modernin näköiset työkalut ja laitteistot ovat saaneet inspiraationsa menneen maailman tiedoista ja taidoista: siitä miten asioita kasvatetaan, valmistetaan tai säilytetään. Suunniteltujen tuotteiden joukossa on välineistöä aina oman viinietikan, hajuveden tai juuston valmistamiseen, mutta myös yksinkertaisempia esineitä kuten säilytysrasioita. Rakastan kaikkea mitä tämä ryhmä on saanut aikaan!

malena skote 100 uutta ja hyödyllistä ideaa puutarhaan

100 projects for garden

Today I went to my local library and drowned myself into the new gardening books. The spring enthusiasm just keeps growing. And I found this book which seems witty and wonderful. It’s called 100 projects for garden (originally it’s Swedish 100 projekt för trädgården) from Malena Skote, an architect, writer, illustrator and photographer. Now, I love crafts and gardens so this book is just about those two things. Doing quite awesome stuff for your garden (not too romantic, not too big projects, a bit more minimalistic, just the way I like it). And yes, this book has just been published so it’s brand new! I picked up few of my favorite ideas like a crocheted birds nest and moss basket but the book is full of great things. I would love to test out every single one the ideas.   Tänään kävin lähikirjastossani ja hukuttauduin uusien puutarhakirjojen maailmaan. Tämä mun kevätintoilu vaan kasvaa ja kasvaa. Ja siis löysin tällaisen uuden kirjan, joka vaikuttaa tosi hauskalta ja mahtavalta ideapankilta. Sen nimi on 100 uutta ja hyödyllistä ideaa puutarhaan. …

Bios urns

In the next life I’ll be a tree

I have a favorite spot at the cemetary in my home town. There’s a grave that has a Japanese style tree growing on top of it. The tree has been growing there for 50 years and someone has taken care of it. Cutting it nicely every year to keep it lovely and little. It’s beautiful. That’s why I was so glad that I bumped into this wonderful invention. Bios urn converts you into a tree after your life. The packaging is biodegradable made of coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. Its two capsules keep the seed and soil separate from the high acidity ashes until the package starts to biodegrade. But then the roots of the plant are strong enough to meet the ashes, transforming the only parts left of former life into  a new life. I think this is a wonderful and ecological way to go. And you can choose a tree of your liking: oak, maple, pine, gingko, beech, ash or your own seed. I hope that someday the cemetaries would be full of trees. Cemetary …