Month: July 2015

We’re going to Japan!

OMG! One of my dreams is actually coming true! We booked the flights to Japan and we’re going there in November. It’s definitely going to be an adventure as we are going to get the Japan rail pass to get around. Nothing certain is planned yet so now we need your help: TIPS? We want to see the coolest forests and nature’s creations, botanical gardens and different kinds of wonderfully beautiful gardens and, of course, the greatest places to eat. So plants and food, yes please. Also, if you know any good ryokan places (not the most expensive ones), please let us know. Thoughts about Japan and what we want to see or do: Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa Botanical garden in Tokyo Yakushima island old forests (that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke!) eat lots of ramen eat lots of bento spend almost a week in Kyoto, lots of tips needed for this part of the trip! go to japanese flea markets to find treasures visit onsen LOTS OF MORE… OMG! Yksi mun suurista unelmista on toteutumassa! Varasimme …

reino halin

Making a spruce rope and beams with Reino Halin

The video series about the traditional wood master Reino Halin continues. This episode is definitely a hardcore one as wooden beams are not every girl’s cup of tea. But still I can just admire the knowledge of this man.   Videosarja perinteisten puutöiden taitajan Reino Halinin seurassa jatkuu. Tämä jakso on hieman hardcore, koska harvemmin itsekään tulee tarvittua massiivista puupalkkia (joskus tietysti voi tulla ajankohta, kun sellaista kaipaa). Mutta silti ei voi muuta kuin ihailla tämän miehen tietotaitoa.

Plant taking over

Just around the corner from our home is this building that has been taken over by Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia). It looks awesome now when the plant is greener than ever! Plant revolution! Vain nurkan takana omasta kodistamme on tämä talo, jonka julkisivun on täysin vallannut imukärhivilliviini (Parthenocissus quinquefolia). Koko rakennus näyttää todella mahtavalta nyt kun köynnös on vihreimmillään! Kasvivallankumous!

Landscape architecture blogs that I like

Lately I’ve found myself again and again sourcing everything including landscape design and landscape architecture. My pinterest is all about it, I’m googling it all the time and I’m starting to really think that it could be my next step. I guess I’m having a some sort of epiphany: I’ve always wanted to somehow combine my creative and design skills and the love and knowledge of plants. I love mathematics and exact plans and I want to design better gardens and natural places for people. Landscape architecture ticks all the boxes. I’m intrigued. Here’s what I’ve found so far in my research: I guess everyone who knows anything about landscape architecture, knows this blog. But I’m a beginner so this is all new for me. Loving all the illustrations.       One of my favourites so far. You can browse the site like a blog or then use choose keywords like a country or design studio. Cool landscape architecture designs and wonderful photos.       This blog is written by many different garden …

living church new zealand

The living church

Religion is something that doesn’t exist in my world but I’m always interested in things that include plants. As does this living tree church made by Barry Cox in New Zealand. I say WOW! And all this has been grown in 4 years (clearly I’m jealous because somewhere in the world there’s places that are perfect for fast growth, unlike Finland is). Imagine what this church and its labyrinth garden will look like in 10 or 20 years: WONDERFUL! It’s obvious that the closeness of the nature and the quiet whispers of growing plants make a great and unique place to quiet down in your own thoughts, with or without religion. Read more from designboom.   Uskonto ei kuulu mun elämään mitenkään, mutta olen aina kiinnostunut jos joku asia sisältää kasveja. Kuten tämä elävä puukirkko, jonka uusiseelantilainen Barry Cox on rakentanut. Sanonpa vain, että VAU! Ja kaikki tämä on kasvanut vain neljässä vuodessa (tottakai olen kateellinen, että maailmassa on paikkoja, joissa on pikkuisen paremmat olosuhteet nopeaan kasvuun, verrattuna siis Suomeen). Miettikää, miltä tuo kirkko ja …

balcony garden

Balcony and July

It’s been a long time since I’ve shown you our balcony garden. Now is the perfect time because we’ve just noticed how green and big our garden is and, of course, wonderful. We’ve been harvesting herbs, komatsuna and salads already, all delicious. The tomatoes are so big we had to move them and put some strings to hold them up. And there’s lots of little tomatoes on their way. There’s some new flowering annuals, also like summer clove. And a big pot for different herbs. I’m loving it and cannot wait to harvest even more.   On kulunut aika pitkä aika siitä, kun viimeksi oon näyttänyt meidän parvekepuutarhaa. Nyt on ihan täydellinen aika pistää kuvia siitä, koska tajusimme vasta itsekin miten vihreäksi ja isoksi puutarhamme on muodostunut. Ja se on tietenkin ihanaa! Ollaan jo saatu maustettua ruokia omilla yrteillä, tehty komatsunasta japanilaista ruokaa ja piristetty salaatteja omilla erikoissalaateilla, kaikki on ollut herkullista. Tomaatit ovat venähtäneet niin pitkiksi, että jouduimme muuttamaan niiden paikkaa ja virittelemään naruja niiden tueksi (ja alunperin luulin siis ostavani MATALIA kirsikkatomaatteja). Ja pikku …

rosendals garden

Rosendals Trädgård / Rosendal’s Garden

One more from Stockholm. Because this was the greatest thing of all and I don’t think that so many visitors even know this place exist so close to the centrum. It’s Rosendal’s biodynamic garden which is located in the middle of the Djurgården island. For a gardener like me (I like everything to be precise in a natural kind of way, keep places clean, have lots of usefull plants cultivated but still make something look modern and stylish) the Rosendal’s garden was like a dream come true. The garden appears after a green and luscious old park and first you see a wide open field with straight lines of plants. Then you start to look around and see different kinds of ‘rooms’, different areas with different purposes. There is a fenced little commercial garden with white greenhouse for just reading and keeping little workshops. There are larger fields for vegetables, root vegetables and other useful plants. There is a small country house with it’s private and beautiful garden. An orchard with hundreds of apple trees, a rose …

sami tallberg wild herb cookbook

Wild herb cookbook

Sometimes it’s better to wait for something to be found than just spend money to get it right away. This happened with a book we just found from the flea market and it was so cheap. It’s Sami Tallberg‘s Wild Herb Cookbook that we’ve been talking about purchasing for a long time. The book is just meant for us because it combines the passions of us two: cooking and plants. The Chef loves the simple recipes and I love the facts of foraging plants for food. Perfect! I always knew that there’s so much to use in Finland’s nature, but this book finally gives me some instructions (and boy, I love the nonfiction and informational books). The book has sections for each foraged plant with one recipe to use it. There’s also information about the season charts and other useful things. (And also, I didn’t know that the book comes in English, too! I actually like it more that way.)   Joskus on parempaa ja mielenkiintoisempaa odotella jonkun asian tulevan löydetyksi kuin hankkia se isolla rahalla …