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Back from Japan

Japan camelia

Oh Japan Japan. We got back yesterday night and this is just a sneak peek because there’s about 4000 photos to be sorted out. Yes, there is. But I promise there will be lots of Japan posts soon.

Japan was a dream come true and even more. The culture shock yesterday after arriving back to Finland was horrible. I felt more home in Japan. It’s so hard to explain why but luckily my Z shares my thoughts so there’s one person who understands. The Japanese culture, food, gardens, people made so big impression to us. And as we experienced a little earthquake in Kyoto, I think at the same time my whole world was shaken a bit. In a really good way.


This photo pretty much tells everything about Japan. There’s skyscrapers, there’s amazingly beautiful gardens. There’s small and there’s big. There’s natural and organic and then there’s technology and futurism.




    • Yep! The earthquake was quite weird. Cannot wait to tell everything about our trip. And there’s so much presents, too…


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