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2016!!! Welcome to a new year! I’m so excited, happy, stressed and terrified at the same time. Mainly the first two. I know this year is going to be a life changer because I’m going to make it that way. Stay tuned…

Before we visited Japan in November I asked my sister what would she like me to bring to her from that country. She said she wanted a moss ball, a kokedama. Well, that’s not so easy because of the custom regulations so I made her a kokedama myself. It turned out to be awesome and really easy to make. I used a type of spiderwort (Tradescantia) and just made a moss ball with nettle string to cover its roots. Cool!


2016!!! Tervetuloa uuteen vuoteen! Oon niin innoissani, onnellinen, stressaantunut ja ehkä hieman kauhuissanikin samaan aikaan. Mutta eniten noita kahta ekaa. Tiedän, että tänä vuonna tapahtuu jotain tajunnanräjäyttävää ja mahtavaa, koska aion tehdä vuodestani sellaisen. Pysy mukana…

Ennen kuin lähdimme Japaniin marraskuussa, kysyin sisareltani, mitä hän haluaisi tuliaisiksi. Hän sanoi, että sammalpallon, kokedaman. Noh, se nyt ei ollut ihan helppo pyyntö ottaen huomioon tullin ja mitä Japanista saa tuoda, joten päätin tehdä kokedaman itse. Siitä tuli ihan mahtava ja oli vielä todella helppo tehdä. Käytin pientä juorun (Tradescantia) alkua ja käärin sen ympärille sammalta palloksi nokkoslangan avulla.





  1. nice ! I love kokedama and wondered if it was possible to bring one back from Japan or how to make it. Could you show the web you used to make it?

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    • Do you mean the nettle string I used? Because I used the one like this but you could also use cotton or linen string to make the kokedama. Water the moss before you make the kokedama ball and just form it around the plant. Then take the string and wrap it around the ball to make the ball hold together. The string made of natural material is the best because it doesn’t hurt the plants roots and it slowly rottens. You should definitely try yourself, this is super easy.

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      • Yes I will, I know there is a kokedama shop in Paris I may go there in search of inspiration. Can you get moss from a flower shop?


  2. If you know the name for the shop in Paris, let me know 😉 I’m always looking for plant inspired places to travel. I bet you can buy moss in most of the flower shops everywhere, or if they don’t have it at the moment, they know where to order or buy it.


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