Month: April 2016

Spring flowers loves Pantone!

I got a little hint about this awesome spring flower guide so, of course, I wanted to share this with all of you. Because hey, Pantone colors + beautiful flowers, that’s just perfect! Go check out the link if you want more information about the flowers. The guide is very detailed.  “Spring is one of the best times of year. As the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, adding natural beauty to the landscape. Whether you planted your bulbs in the fall or are just getting ready to revamp your garden, its great to know what flowers are available to you. To give you an idea, FTD created a spring flower and Pantone color pairing guide. It matches 42 spring flowers with the ten Spring 2016 Pantone colors. The colors range from soft blues and pinks to bright reds and yellows, so you’re sure to find flowers that fit your personal preferences. You can quickly reference the flower-color pairings in the mood boards below!” Advertisements


In collaboration with PlantLink:   Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning: I’m a gardener, I work in that field. But that doesn’t mean that when it comes to my own plants at home, I know what I’m doing. Well, I know what I should do but usually that doesn’t work. The instructions that I read from the books or I hear from my colleagues or customers don’t usually work at home when I try to tend my green babies. In my case this old phrase is so correct: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. And I think it’s just because I’m lazy. I love plants but I don’t remember to water them correctly, or fertilize or anything more! So you see my problem. But when I got the change to test something new, cool and a bit nerdy to help me with my laziness with watering I wanted to try (and yeah, new technology with plants interests me a lot). Let me introduce: PlantLink! The PlantLink is a wireless soil monitoring system which tells you how often you …

Bikes vs Cars

  I’m really passionate about using public transport, bike and my own feet for moving myself around. I try to organise my life the way that I don’t even need a car. Of course, distances are f***ing long in Finland and sometimes I find myself thinking how easy it would be if I had a car. This lasts for about 2 seconds. For 30 years I haven’t needed a car, hopefully I never will. Why am I talking about this in my plant-inspired blog?! Well, you might have heard about global warming, acid rain, environmental stuff like that. That’s when cars (read: people) declare a war to nature. And you might already know how that’s going to end, eventually. Yesterday I saw an awesome and truly inspiring documentary called Bikes vs Cars (you can watch it here if you are in Finland). Might sound a bit boring subject (I thought that at first) but the documentary is so amazingly made, very visual and very touching. The unfortunate truth is that I think this documentary will …

Gardening music (!?!)

OMG! I just found something so weird, new, quite cool, fun, then again weird at the same time: a music video/song about gardening!!! Sponsored by Kekkilä Garden, a Finnish market leader for home gardening and professional landscaping products, this is only in Finnish so sorry about that. So fun marketing idea!   OMG! Löysin just jotain tosi outoa, uutta, aika coolia, hauskaa ja sitten taas outoa, kaikki noi yhtä aikaa: biisi/musiikkivideo puutarhanhoidosta!!! Tämä on Kekkilän sponsoroima, niin siisti markkinointi-idea!

Spring hyacinths

  Remember when I brought the bulbs out from the cellar? They were almost neon yellowish green and I was so sceptical about them going “normal” or starting to bloom. But see!!! They did all that! How beautiful and wonderful spring flowers I now have. And who said that hyacinths are only Christmas flowers? No no. When the sun is shining to our balcony and warming it up, the stunning scent of those beauties is amazing.   Muistatteko, kun hain syksyllä istutetut kukkasipulit ulos kellarista? Ne olivat niin neon keltavihreitä, että olin hyvin skeptinen siitä, tuleeko niistä “normaalin” vihreitä tai alkavatko ne edes kukkia. Mutta katsokaas nyt!!! Ne tekivät just sen. Miten mahtavia ja kauniita kevätkukkia mulla nyt onkaan. Ja kuka sanoi, että hyasintit kuuluvat vain jouluun? Ei ja ei. Kun aurinko paistaa meidän parvekkeelle ja lämmittää sen, noiden kaunokaisten huumaava tuoksu on jotain ihan mahtavaa.  

Vihervuosi/The Green Year 2016

It’s always a great idea to focus more on everything green so the idea of a theme year for people to get inspired with plants and to improve their vicinity is awesome. This year it’s the fifth time The Green Year (in Finnish Vihervuosi) is celebrated and the main theme this time around is “Sustainable Finnish landscape”. There are different events all year around. This weekend I bumped into one of the year’s events called “Itupiilo” which is like a treasure hunt in different cities in Finland. It goes on from 31th of March to 3rd of April on Instagram and Facebook. Follow them and you get hints where to find exciting treasures related to plants. The point is that people get to know more about city gardening spaces and the close environment. What a cool idea! I’m definitely going to follow what other great events and happenings the year is going to give.   Mun mielestä on aina hyvä idea keskittyä vähän lisää kaikkeen vihreään, joten ajatus teemavuodesta, jonka avulla ihmiset voivat inspiroitua kasveista …