Month: October 2016

The Rich Brothers

If you follow the trends and rising stars of landscape design you might have heard about the Rich brothers. These two gorgeous-looking, fun and talented men are the ones you should follow. Because Harry and David Rich are the present and future superstars of garden and landscape design. They design little home gardens for regular people (and you can see those processes with an awesome show from BBC One and the show is called Garden Rescue, totally recommending!). But what they are mostly known are their designs for the luxury brands like Chanel and Massimo Dutti. I say WOW! They have also participated in many RHS Chelsea Flower Shows with their garden designs. But the best thing about these two is that they seem so down-to-earth. You can see that they are so talented, modern designers who are interested and excited about their field of choice. But they are not too proud to do small scale designs, they seem authentically warm, nice and fun, their Instagram account is full of surfing pics and relaxed feeling. LOVING …

Foraging, listening and wondering

Countryside never leaves from you if you are born in the middle of the fields and forest, river and sea. That’s why I always feel very much energized when I go back to my childhood places. The misty mornings, flowers in the garden, magical forest, powerful rapids. I’m made of those.

Parks in Kotka: Autumnal colors

I’m definitely a coastal kind of girl. Every time I visit Kotka, which is a part of my childhood memories, I feel like I’m home. It’s not the city. It’s the sea, the flat terrain of the coast (the ancient seabed area), the smell of the sea, the fact that where you have sea you have this invisible route to anywhere with the feeling that you are free. For so many years I’ve lived in the middle of Finland and I’ve noticed how much I miss all those coastal kind of things. Maybe I’ll get the sea back, soon. Okay, enough of the poetic thoughts. So I visited Kotka and I know I’ve been telling about it’s awesome parks in other blog posts as well but they are so amazing in each season. All the autumn colors I witnessed with this turn were so beautiful. I really love the plant combinations, the use of different grasses within flower beds. Just look at these! If you’re visiting Kotka, check these parks out: Sibelius park (Sibeliuspuisto) Isopuisto …

Moss lover

I’m always in awe when I visit a forest with lots of moss. Different kinds of moss and lichen. Few weeks ago, when I visited my home village called Huruksela in Southern Finland, the first thing I did was to go for a walk in the nearby forest. My childhood forest. I love that place. It always calms me and never stops to amaze me with its beauty. Just look at these textures and colors!

Autumn in Japan

It’s been almost a year since we visited Japan and after that there hasn’t been a day without both of us really missing that place, wishing to go back there. I think we are actually Japanese but somehow ended up being born in Finland. Somehow… We’ve also been trying to find ways to relocate ourselves to that country but it’s a difficult task because we don’t speak Japanese we don’t have jobs there Japan has a tough policy about foreign people moving there we’re not married to a Japanese person (although, we’ve been thinking about that we both should find a Japanese spouse and then move to Japan and then be each others lovers there). I found these very autumnal photos that I took in Kobe. I didn’t even have to edit these in Photoshop, they look so beautiful as they are.

Dries Van Noten + Azuma Makoto

I love to see how the great fashion designers use floral design on their runway shows. It’s so inspiring, the budgets are epic and, oh boy, it’s going to beautiful! Almost few weeks ago it was again Paris Fashion Week and this time Dries Van Noten invited the Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto to make his magic with flowers. I’ve been following Makoto’s work for years and he is the great and modern mastermind of floral art. So, for Dries Van Noten he created multiple ice-encased floral arrangements. And look how gorgeous they look! Photos from here. (I also watched the documentary “Dior and I” from 2014, which is about Raf Simons’ first ever haute couture-collection for Dior, and if you love excessive floral designs you have to watch that. It was amazing!)

21st century still life by Vilma Pimenoff

I’m so in love with these artworks by Finnish photographer and visual artist Vilma Pimenoff. The fruit and flowers that she uses in a clever and modern way in her photographs of course do the trick for me. Especially the title series 21st century still life photos that create an illusion of real flowers bouquets but they are actually created with plastic tablecloths. Genious and beautiful!

The balcony garden that was

As you might remember I tried to downscale my garden plants for this summer. And that was a good thing because I didn’t even manage to take good care of this decreased amount of plants! Been so busy, you know. Well, I managed to grow some beautiful tomatoes. But again I got really disappointed about Finnish summer weather which is just not warm enough for tomatoes. I mean getting them lots of. It’s too much work compared to the harvest I get. So maybe next year I’ll skip the tomatoes, too (I’m saying this now but when the sowing season starts I might think again). But black kale was awesome again! Most of the herbs died because of the lack of watering and love. Oops. And remember PlantLink? I tried that with my tomatoes and it worked great! Although life was hectic I managed to water the tomatoes properly with the help of PlantLink. Also, I’m so pround of my Chef who is totally hooked with plants too. He grew the most amazing chocolate habanero …

The closing of Kasvihuone (“The Greenhouse”)

WHAT A SUMMER! This blog automatically went on a long holiday just because I was so busy with my pop up-shop Kasvihuone and everything awesome that came with it. I think it is fair that I share some glimpses of this summer projects here too. This will also be a good wake up- post for this blog. Because I have so many post ideas ready and coming here so stay tuned. So I explained a little bit of the background of Kasvihuone in this post. And now I want to tell about the summer, what happened and what next. I opened my shop in the first week of June and closed the door at the end of September. 4 months went so quickly and so many things happened during that time. It was a great way to learn to be an entrepreneur, especially trying to do things in more ecological way and, of course, learn about yourself, too. The idea of a garden and flower shop for city gardeners was amazing because I got so many …