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The closing of Kasvihuone (“The Greenhouse”)


WHAT A SUMMER! This blog automatically went on a long holiday just because I was so busy with my pop up-shop Kasvihuone and everything awesome that came with it. I think it is fair that I share some glimpses of this summer projects here too. This will also be a good wake up- post for this blog. Because I have so many post ideas ready and coming here so stay tuned.

So I explained a little bit of the background of Kasvihuone in this post. And now I want to tell about the summer, what happened and what next. I opened my shop in the first week of June and closed the door at the end of September. 4 months went so quickly and so many things happened during that time. It was a great way to learn to be an entrepreneur, especially trying to do things in more ecological way and, of course, learn about yourself, too. The idea of a garden and flower shop for city gardeners was amazing because I got so many customers saying that it was something they had just waited to happen. I had so many regular customers who just loved the whole concept and really loved my style when designing bouquets or other floral stuff. Young people loved the usable plants that I provided and the older people of the neighbourhood liked that they could get their flowers nearby. So, this was a total success!

The most awaited and wanted thing was the workshops. I started doing them in my little space in June and almost all the courses got sold out. So much that I had to organize double-evenings for some of them. We did flower bouquets, flower arrangements, wreaths, ikebana, kokedama, natural cosmetics… People were really excited about these. I also did a few private workshops when needed.

And then there were a few weddings, christenings, funeral, birthdays, bakery and shop openings. All of the projects and daily meetings with customers really gave me hope that there are still people who want something different and respect something that I do. I had lost that feeling somewhere in the vast world of large garden centres and everyday life. And when also the national gardening magazine for professionals got interested and made an interview about Kasvihuone, I was really proud of what I had achieved. Maybe I shaked the world of traditional Finnish flower and garden shop culture a bit.

So what now…? That’s a good question and I’ve heard that question so many times during the last month. There’s no simple answer. I realised that I want to somehow still combine the design and plants. I remembered how good I am with creating interesting concepts and projects. But how to find a job that does that all, that’s a bit of a challenge. So I’m looking for a job like that, and hopefully it’s outside Finland. I really want see the bigger picture of all of this and Finland is so small. Green space design is something that I’m really interested. Like green walls and stuff like that. If you know a company that does something interesting with plants and design, please let me know!


NOTICE! From this post on I’m only going to write my posts in English. Not that I don’t like Finnish language but I actually think every subject and text FIRST in English and then translate them to Finnish (a bit weird I think considering I’m Finnish). So maybe it’s just easier to do this only in English.

HUOM! Tästä lähtien kirjoitan tänne blogiin vain englanniksi. Ihan vain sen takia, että jostain syystä ajattelen kaikki aiheet ja tekstit ensiksi englanniksi ja käännän ne sitten suomeksi (en tiiä miksi näin, koska olen kuitenkin ihan täysin suomalainen tapaus itse). Suurin osa kuitenkin varmasti ymmärtää englantiakin ja kommentteja ja kysymyksiä saa kyllä edelleen heittää suomeksi 😉


Photo by Minna Bakes


Photo by Minna Bakes





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