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The balcony garden that was

As you might remember I tried to downscale my garden plants for this summer. And that was a good thing because I didn’t even manage to take good care of this decreased amount of plants! Been so busy, you know.

Well, I managed to grow some beautiful tomatoes. But again I got really disappointed about Finnish summer weather which is just not warm enough for tomatoes. I mean getting them lots of. It’s too much work compared to the harvest I get. So maybe next year I’ll skip the tomatoes, too (I’m saying this now but when the sowing season starts I might think again). But black kale was awesome again! Most of the herbs died because of the lack of watering and love. Oops.

And remember PlantLink? I tried that with my tomatoes and it worked great! Although life was hectic I managed to water the tomatoes properly with the help of PlantLink.

Also, I’m so pround of my Chef who is totally hooked with plants too. He grew the most amazing chocolate habanero and now he’s really into bonsai. I think I’ll make a post about that soon.



PlantLink, my little watering helper.



The grass wasn’t that happy…


Chocolate habanero by the Chef.


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