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Autumn in Japan

It’s been almost a year since we visited Japan and after that there hasn’t been a day without both of us really missing that place, wishing to go back there. I think we are actually Japanese but somehow ended up being born in Finland. Somehow… We’ve also been trying to find ways to relocate ourselves to that country but it’s a difficult task because

  1. we don’t speak Japanese
  2. we don’t have jobs there
  3. Japan has a tough policy about foreign people moving there
  4. we’re not married to a Japanese person (although, we’ve been thinking about that we both should find a Japanese spouse and then move to Japan and then be each others lovers there).

I found these very autumnal photos that I took in Kobe. I didn’t even have to edit these in Photoshop, they look so beautiful as they are.




  1. Aaahw! We miss Japan so much too! We would love to go back there and look for a job to experience all seasons in this country but it is indeed so rough. Thanks for sharing your pictures. We haven’t visited Kobe during our 6-week trip but it sure on our list for the next one! Have you visited the Japanese Alps and Hokkaido? So diverse!

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    • Thanks for your comments! Japan definitely needs many visits as there is so much to see. We were there only for 2 weeks and didn’t have enough time to visit the Japanese Alps or Hokkaido. But Kobe was definitely nice place to visit. It’s very young and modern, we felt that it was a bit like Berlin. These photos were taken from our hike to Mount Rokko which so beautiful with waterfalls and almost rainforest like places.

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