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Parks in Kotka: Autumnal colors

I’m definitely a coastal kind of girl. Every time I visit Kotka, which is a part of my childhood memories, I feel like I’m home. It’s not the city. It’s the sea, the flat terrain of the coast (the ancient seabed area), the smell of the sea, the fact that where you have sea you have this invisible route to anywhere with the feeling that you are free. For so many years I’ve lived in the middle of Finland and I’ve noticed how much I miss all those coastal kind of things. Maybe I’ll get the sea back, soon.

Okay, enough of the poetic thoughts. So I visited Kotka and I know I’ve been telling about it’s awesome parks in other blog posts as well but they are so amazing in each season. All the autumn colors I witnessed with this turn were so beautiful. I really love the plant combinations, the use of different grasses within flower beds. Just look at these!

If you’re visiting Kotka, check these parks out:

  • Sibelius park (Sibeliuspuisto)
  • Isopuisto
  • Sapokka sea park (Sapokan vesipuisto)
  • Katariina



Plant combinations at Isopuisto.



Colors at Sapokka.



Epic hydrangeas at Sibelius park.



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