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Helsinki, here we come!

If you follow me on Instagram (@katrijennisofia) you might have found out that we are moving to Helsinki! That’s due to our work things and we’re hoping this would later mean an easier leap to abroad. I’ve also had difficulties living so far away from my friends, they are my second family and I have lived so many years away from them. They all live in Helsinki. And I’m slowly but firmly finding myself actually loving the idea of moving there. This move means also that this blog gets lots of new posts about different natural places in that city. Cannot wait for those adventures!

My (and the Chef’s, too) relationship with Helsinki has been difficult in the past. I’ve lived there two times before. And although those times were full of experiences, I didn’t like that place. Now, after 6 years, and on the verge of new, I’ve started to analyze those reasons that led me to resent that place.

At the time I hated that everyone seemed to be in full hurry mode all the time. I remember that I purposely slowed my walk in those situations, just to annoy other people. But I can manage with that. The more recent revelation for me was that living in Helsinki was difficult for me because I’m a home person. I enjoy being at home, I enjoy my balcony and plants, I enjoy having space for myself, for us and for our friends. I enjoy large kitchen and a separate bedroom. Living in Helsinki is so expensive and the last times I lived there I was a poor student living in the smallest shared apartments with terrible kitchens. Not enjoyable. So I guess now that we’re going to live there, it’s definitely not going to be something like that.

I’m missing the sea, I’m missing the feeling of freedom that comes with knowing that I could just take a boat and go to Stockholm or Tallinn or take a flight and leave in few hours. We are missing good restaurants, picnics and brunches with friends, having opportunity to go to interesting exhibitions and concerts. Nothing that happens here. And I bet that in some point I will be saying that I’ve had enough of Helsinki but that’s just me. I’m a restless soul and I’ve learned to know myself quite well. But for now I just want to be near my friends and family. And I know there’s lots of good memories to come and lots of new adventures, too.

These photos are from the times when I lived in Helsinki. Looking forward taking new ones…



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