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Autumn turns to winter

Life is weird and that’s how I like it! Just a few months ago (and so many months before that) I was wondering how to make my life more exciting, more relaxed, more like me. And now it’s all happening. I’ve always been an ambassador of “make-your-life-how-you-want-it” kind of attitude. And once again I’ve changed my own life. Luckily I have a partner in my life who is feels the same and is always ready for our new adventures.

Now that we are locating ourselves in a new city it’s been a stressful thing to find a new home. I wrote about the importance of home for me in the previous post and that has been highlighted this week. On Monday and Tuesday I scouted some apartments in Helsinki, two days wondering in snow storms. I saw some okay apartments, I saw a few horrible and boring apartments and then I saw one that felt like a home. And I realised that I need the home. I will put a bit more money on our apartment just to get us home. I will not at 31 years old compromise anymore with apartments that are just apartments. And guess what? We got that home-feeling apartment!

These photos are maybe the last ones that I will take in this home we are living for a few weeks more. I’m already thinking about where to put our green plants in our new home. I’ve also fallen in love with dried flowers like Baby’s-breath (Gypsophila) which is so beautiful. Also Allium balls dries nicely. I think I have to ditch these when we move, but that’s a good reason to buy flowers for myself. I’m so excited about our new home so I think that it will be featured a lot in this blog. But don’t worry, there will be lots of plants, too.






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