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Planet Earth II


This is what the world is talking about at the moment (or if not yet then definitely everyone should be talking about this): Planet Earth II.

When in 2006 the first documentary came out, I remember crying when I saw the episode about rainforests. Yes, I cried. It was so beautifully made but at the same time it felt very sad. We  humans are a cruel species towards everything and that we destroy our forests has always hit somewhere deep inside my heart.

BBC’s part two series of the popular Planet Earth documentary is truly amazing! I’ve now seen the first two episodes, titled “Islands” and “Mountains”. And after 31 years of watching nature documentaries once a week from national television, there’s still so much that I don’t know about different animals and how they live in this planet. And Planet Earth II reveals so much new! It’s filmed with the latest technology, aerial drones and 4K and you can definitely see that while watching the episodes. I also love the Planet Earth II Diaries which shows how the camera crew made it all happen. Big respect for them, it’s not an easy job but probably very satisfying.

If you haven’t seen these new episodes, WATCH THEM!!! There’s always room for everyone to see and understand how the world works outside our human bubble.


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