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Green interior

So I said that there will be posts about our new home and here we go! I’ve been super-excited! Our soon-to-be home is in a small apartment house, built in the 50’s. And that fits perfect because there is something beautiful in 50’s styled furniture. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few of them. Maybe that’s why the place felt like home for the first time I saw it.

I’ve been playing a lot with Photoshop and SketchUp to help me think about how to decorate the place. It’s rental so we cannot touch the walls or anything like that, but that’s okay. Because the walls are a perfect tone of white and neutrals. Plain canvas for us to play.

The basic rule for me is just this: RECYCLE & UPDATE. I’m not that keen of buying new stuff when it comes to the interior design. There is much more soul and history in the old ones. I’d rather wait for a while to find a perfect old piece of furniture from the flea market or antique shop that buy a new one. Or then do it myself. Luckily my boyfriend is the same. So we are definitely green when it comes to decorating our home.

It’s fun to notice that my style of interior is changing once again. In every place that I’ve called home there has been a bit different kind of interior. This flat where we are living now is totally wabi-sabi styled with different wooden textures, traditional crafts, linen, pale shades of grey, white and beige. No prints, no graphical elements, no colours. Very traditional Japanese kinda home with futon sofa and bed mixed with the 50’s style. Well, that’s changing. We’ve sold the massive 50’s teak bookshelves. And I’ve sold ALL my colourful retro stuff  during the last 5 years (thank god, I’m so over that kinda stuff).

So what’s the new style? Here are glimpses for you. More colours but toned down colours. Still lots of neutrals and natural materials. There’s still influences from the 50’s but mixed with modern elements. Maybe more Danish style with a hint of modern French style. Hopefully.


Interior mood board for the living room.


And we are doing this with just updating our old furniture or finding new elements from my childhood home or flea markets. I’m lucky enough to have a place (my dad’s home which is a big country house) where there’s lots of old furniture from different era’s just waiting for us. From there we get our new bookshelves, a Finnish classic from Lundia, and we can just paint them to make them fresh (bought in the 80’s). I think I also want to paint our IKEA table from the basic yellowish wood colour to a darker tone now that it’s going to be our dining table. We already have our beloved Karup Fresh futon sofa that will fit perfectly in our new home. I also want to sew together a few of our old rugs to make a bigger one and wait until we find the perfect Moroccan rug. And I’m also taking time to find a new lounge chair. There’s some 40’s style chairs back at my dad’s but I have to think about this a bit more and consult the Chef.

For the bedroom I’m thinking about more darker tones. The dark green really intrigues me and I’m incorporating that with textiles. There’s also going to be different textures like rough linen, soft velvet and warm wool. I’m probably going to find bit and pieces of perfect fabrics from the flea markets and sew those needed elements myself. And we are looking for an old narrow folding table to be our office table. I’m also hoping to revive my painting hobby and make a huge oil painting for our bedroom. Maybe something misty and with toned down colours.

And of course all of our green plants are colouring the apartment and giving it the ultimate home feeling. Maybe green is my choice of colour for the year 2017.



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