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Hello Hawaii!

I’m going to start this year of Folk Jee with an epic start! I guess this blog needs that because of the long silence. So much has changed, again. We are living in a new city but I think that subject will need its own post. So I’ll return to that a bit later.

So, how to start big and bold… HAWAIIIII!!!! Yes, I did it! It was all planned silently for a half a year with my dear friend. We both needed a holiday so bad. And on January we flew almost two days from Finland to Hawaii. We visited three of the islands: Oahu, Kauai and Maui. And boy oh boy, I have planned an amazing visual trip for you guys! Because we did a lot of trails and I want to share all my special tips about those trails. There’s going to be lots of rainforest, so much green that you will get sick of it, plants and more plants, red mud, terrifying (at least for me) views and maybe you’ll catch some places featured in some famous movies… So be prepared, stay tuned and start to plan your trip to the paradise!




Waikiki beach in Honolulu


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