Month: March 2017

Viride by Goula/Figuera – Experimental luminaries

  Art or something useful for your plant experiences? I’m not sure but this definitely looks beautiful and new. Plant luminaries by design studio Goula/Figuera are so interesting that of course I had to post them here. I think if I had this in my home I would just stare it for hours. I love all new innovations that have somehow intergrated plants and good product design. And look at this: there’s lights and vapor and its moving! How can you not like this?   Advertisements

Plant mecca near Helsinki

A few weeks ago me and my friends made a plant trip to find some new house plants. We ended up getting here:  a garden center called Viherpaja in Vantaa. And now I think this is the best kept secret of plant business in the Helsinki area! This place looks modest when you enter the yard but when you step inside and start to get even deeper inside the greenhouses you will see this magical jungle of different plants. There’s lots of regular green plants but also lots of rare ones. The place has several green houses attached to each other so be sure to check every one of them. Some the green houses are closed at the wintertime (I was really disappointed that the Japanese Garden themed green house was closed) but there’s still a lot to see. And there’s almost always some kind of plant exhibition in some of the green houses. Now they had Guzmania exhibition. Definitely have to go to this place at the summertime also. Just to see how amazing …

Studio home in a garden

I once wanted to be an architect (one occupation from my endless list of many others). And now that my workmate is planning her new family home that they are going to build this year, the inner architect in me is waking up again. I have a house fever! I love this project called “A studio home in a garden” (in Finnish “Yksiö Puutarhassa”) by a young Finnish architect called Olli Enne. He wanted to shake things up a bit and design a home more fit to modern needs. People want to live in the city where there’s not much space but they want their own home. So he designed this beautiful little house that has some excellent and genius details that will make your living even better. I’m excited and intrigued! I want to build my own little house now! Photos by Marko Laukkarinen

Maui: From lush to dust

The last place for our journey in Hawaii was the island of Maui. For us this was the place for relaxation and old school chilling at the hotel pool but also some very nice nature trips. Again I have two awesome routes/places for you to visit. Both of these trips will take you one day each. And yet again I’m totally recommending to rent a car on the island. There’s no public transportation to reach these locations. And the Shaka Guide app that I mentioned in my previous post was our tour guide for these tours also. Worked amazing! ROAD TO HANA  You’ve heard from this one! I know you have! This route will give you a perfect glimpse of Maui’s greenest rainforest areas, beaches and waterfalls. If you are a plant/forest/green junkie like I am, you will love this! It will take you the whole day so start early. The thing is that the road to Hana is a narrow road, crawling inside forests, again very serpentine-like and sometimes very slow. The road will …

Kauai: Canyons and ancient forests

Welcome to Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii! This island will blow your mind as it did for us. There’s everything for nature lovers. You can hike, trek or just lay on the beaches if you wish so. I’m going to share a few places for you to see and hike. THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF KAUAI The island is pretty small, and almost every single corner is easy to reach with a car. We rented a car for two day from the airport. And we also got this amazing app called Shaka Guide to give us the perfect tour in Kauai’s top locations. It was awesome and worked perfectly! You just choose a tour you want and the GPS tells the app where you’re driving at the moment. You have your own personal tour guide informing you the best spots to pull over to catch a nice view or the trails that you can take, and then shares interesting stories about the places and Hawaiian culture. Totally recommending that! We started our car tour on the …