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Plant mecca near Helsinki


A few weeks ago me and my friends made a plant trip to find some new house plants. We ended up getting here:  a garden center called Viherpaja in Vantaa. And now I think this is the best kept secret of plant business in the Helsinki area! This place looks modest when you enter the yard but when you step inside and start to get even deeper inside the greenhouses you will see this magical jungle of different plants.

There’s lots of regular green plants but also lots of rare ones. The place has several green houses attached to each other so be sure to check every one of them. Some the green houses are closed at the wintertime (I was really disappointed that the Japanese Garden themed green house was closed) but there’s still a lot to see. And there’s almost always some kind of plant exhibition in some of the green houses. Now they had Guzmania exhibition.

Definitely have to go to this place at the summertime also. Just to see how amazing and large all of this will be.



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