Month: April 2017

Grow in Space

You know that I love plants and astronomy. And I’m always interested when there’s new things going on: like NASA scientists testing how to grow vegetables and greens in the space. This specially designed greenhouse doesn’t only give you important nutrients but it also does air revitalization, water recycling or waste recycling. The idea is actually quite simple: the astronauts breath (hopefully) which makes carbon dioxide. As it happens, plants use that to photosynthesize. And that process creates oxygen for the astronauts to breath with the awesome side products for them to eat. There’s a natural cycle. Or a a bioregenerative life support system, as they say in NASA. And LED-lights provide the needed light.   Advertisements

New home neighborhood

We’ve lived in Helsinki for 4 months now and I just haven’t managed to post anything about our new neighborhood.  Let’s fix that! We live in Munkkiniemi which is like its own little village inside Helsinki, just few kilometers from the centrum. This place is by the sea, most of the buildings are from the 1940’s or 1950’s and you can see the influence of those years also in the gardens here. I love wondering around this area because the houses are so beautiful, the tram number 4 comes straight from the city centrum, there are lots of nature areas and, of course, the sea. I am so much a sea person. It smells different, it feels different and calms you differently than lakes or rivers. All the gardens in this area, even how small, are perfectly designed to match the 50’s feeling. The plants like Rhododendron, Taxus and Hydrangea are so 50’s! The gardener inside me is thrilled to see garden spots that are so well thought. These photos are from January but it actually doesn’t …

DIY: Hanging staghorn fern

For years I’ve been hunting for this fern that you might have seen often in Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. Staghorn fern (Platycerium ssp.) is definitely not just a plant but also an interior item if you want to give your home that jungle hipster look. But the thing is that the staghorn ferns are not easy to find here in Finland. For so many years I never found them anywhere. This year I’ve seen a few but most of the times they are rather expensive or looking not that well. Then I visited my nearest garden shop and found smaller staghorn ferns just for 5 €!!! The first one I bought for my friend who have been searching for this plant also vigorously. And then today I went back and got myself one, too. Staghorn fern is a bit different when it comes to the care and soil that it needs. That’s why I made my fern more like kokedama. Staghorn ferns are natural to tropical and they live clinging to tree barks. So adding some …