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Spring Balcony 2017

It’s spring time FINALLY here in Finland, too. I mean, it’s been tough, because it’s been so cold and the statistics say that the spring is about one month late. The winter is harder and longer every year. But now there has been some beautiful, sunny and warm spring days and I can finally make our little and lovely balcony our little garden.

You know we moved to a new city and apartment in December. And it’s always so cool when you get to plan and do your balcony for the first time. I’m really loving our little balcony, it’s so different than our huge previous one (remember this). That one took so much work with watering and I really hated emptying all that soil from planting boxes before we moved away.

So now this new little balcony definitely controls my habit of gardening a lot of things. I just bough two balcony boxes and one hanging basket. For now. Today I also started our gardening season with lots of violets and (I couldn’t resist) one pelargonium. Violets are awesome, because they are not scared of a bit colder weather either. So I don’t have to be worried if the next night will get below zero temperatures (and it will). The pelargonium can go out on warmer days and I’ll take it inside if it’s colder weather.

So spring! I’m ready for you! Cannot wait for more!





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