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Racing Extinction

Do you know what happens when you put seashells in vinegar? Have you thought about what would it be like to see all the carbon dioxide we produce every day? Do you know how to make fire explosions in North where there’s normally a permafrost? Have you heard the song of the last Kauai O’o bird? Have you tasted shark fin soup? Did you know that there’s a fast-speed extinction going on right now? And do you know that our oceans are already like vinegar?

It’s always a good idea for every one of us to think about what kind of species we human beings are. Because so many of us – too many of us – do not think about the planet we live on. We care about ourselves at this moment, we do not care about our climate and other species or the future. And while your living in your sweet and comfy bubble I certainly recommend to step out of the comfort zone for once in a while. Just watch Racing Extinction. I just did and so many facts that I didn’t know occurred (and I think of myself as a environmental aware person if you still haven’t figured it out).

It’s all so depressing but this documentary actually gives you also the positive glimpses. It’s not too “activist-environmentalist” -kind of documentary but more of a “wake up you f**ks”. I also liked that in this documentary there’s lots of soft ways to give people more information about environmental things. They use photography, videos, magazines and new media like epic light shows. They actually build a special¬†TESLA car for that purpose only. Works for me! Just watch this.



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