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The End… And the Beginning of @folk_jee

As you may have noticed (go figure) this blog has been so so quiet for the past 6 months. There is a personal reason for that: I had to start focusing on myself more, had to think about my life priorities once again. But this year 2018 has started well and I have had my time to think more about the future me and the future of this blog. There is no death. There is a new beginning. More adapted to this time and future, to what I want to do. Folk Jee is going to move into the Instagram world and the blogging about the great love of my life PLANTS is going to continue there. This blogsite ( will be shut down at the beginning of March. Please join me for the ride @folk_jee (or #folkjee) in Instagram. Basically there is a lot of the same elements that there was here in this blog. But more intuitive, more up to date, more green and, of course, more cooler. I think (and this is just …

Going dirty and feminine with Maisie Cousins

When you see the images that Maisie Cousins creates with flowers, first comes a slight shock and you feel how your cheeks start to blush. Then immediately you are intrigued of the images that are so rude and at the same time so fascinating with raw beauty of flowers. You start to wonder how is it possible that pictures of flowers (that are usually so innocent) seem to be almost x-rated stuff??? But these definitely are. Maisie Cousins is a young artist from London who’s sliding in with her sexy flower photos to the art scene.  In her art she explores themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence. I’m loving how people are cherishing flowers and plants in a new kinda way. With a rebellious and adventurous mind.

Grow in Space

You know that I love plants and astronomy. And I’m always interested when there’s new things going on: like NASA scientists testing how to grow vegetables and greens in the space. This specially designed greenhouse doesn’t only give you important nutrients but it also does air revitalization, water recycling or waste recycling. The idea is actually quite simple: the astronauts breath (hopefully) which makes carbon dioxide. As it happens, plants use that to photosynthesize. And that process creates oxygen for the astronauts to breath with the awesome side products for them to eat. There’s a natural cycle. Or a a bioregenerative life support system, as they say in NASA. And LED-lights provide the needed light.  

Viride by Goula/Figuera – Experimental luminaries

  Art or something useful for your plant experiences? I’m not sure but this definitely looks beautiful and new. Plant luminaries by design studio Goula/Figuera are so interesting that of course I had to post them here. I think if I had this in my home I would just stare it for hours. I love all new innovations that have somehow intergrated plants and good product design. And look at this: there’s lights and vapor and its moving! How can you not like this?  

Studio home in a garden

I once wanted to be an architect (one occupation from my endless list of many others). And now that my workmate is planning her new family home that they are going to build this year, the inner architect in me is waking up again. I have a house fever! I love this project called “A studio home in a garden” (in Finnish “Yksiö Puutarhassa”) by a young Finnish architect called Olli Enne. He wanted to shake things up a bit and design a home more fit to modern needs. People want to live in the city where there’s not much space but they want their own home. So he designed this beautiful little house that has some excellent and genius details that will make your living even better. I’m excited and intrigued! I want to build my own little house now! Photos by Marko Laukkarinen

21st century still life by Vilma Pimenoff

I’m so in love with these artworks by Finnish photographer and visual artist Vilma Pimenoff. The fruit and flowers that she uses in a clever and modern way in her photographs of course do the trick for me. Especially the title series 21st century still life photos that create an illusion of real flowers bouquets but they are actually created with plastic tablecloths. Genious and beautiful!

The closing of Kasvihuone (“The Greenhouse”)

WHAT A SUMMER! This blog automatically went on a long holiday just because I was so busy with my pop up-shop Kasvihuone and everything awesome that came with it. I think it is fair that I share some glimpses of this summer projects here too. This will also be a good wake up- post for this blog. Because I have so many post ideas ready and coming here so stay tuned. So I explained a little bit of the background of Kasvihuone in this post. And now I want to tell about the summer, what happened and what next. I opened my shop in the first week of June and closed the door at the end of September. 4 months went so quickly and so many things happened during that time. It was a great way to learn to be an entrepreneur, especially trying to do things in more ecological way and, of course, learn about yourself, too. The idea of a garden and flower shop for city gardeners was amazing because I got so many …

Kasvihuone / The Greenhouse

Hi there! You might have been thinking what’s been happening since the beginning of May because I’ve been dead quiet at the blogging scene. Well, this happened: I quit my job as a product category manager in a big garden center. I found a wonderfully beautiful and perfect space for my dream. I started my own business. All this happened in just a few weeks and everything has been going thousands miles since the rocks started rolling. I think I will return in some post to tell you some more about everything but this post is about my current project called Kasvihuone (in English “The Greenhouse”). I’m opening a pop up plant and flower shop for urban gardeners!!! The shop is located in Jyväskylä, Finland (the precise address is Vaasankatu 12 B, if you want to visit). It’s going to start this summer, lasting up to 3 months but after that… you never know… My shop sells mostly useful plants for bigger and smaller urban kitchen gardens, annual flowering plants, flower arrangements and bouquets and some …


In collaboration with PlantLink:   Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning: I’m a gardener, I work in that field. But that doesn’t mean that when it comes to my own plants at home, I know what I’m doing. Well, I know what I should do but usually that doesn’t work. The instructions that I read from the books or I hear from my colleagues or customers don’t usually work at home when I try to tend my green babies. In my case this old phrase is so correct: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. And I think it’s just because I’m lazy. I love plants but I don’t remember to water them correctly, or fertilize or anything more! So you see my problem. But when I got the change to test something new, cool and a bit nerdy to help me with my laziness with watering I wanted to try (and yeah, new technology with plants interests me a lot). Let me introduce: PlantLink! The PlantLink is a wireless soil monitoring system which tells you how often you …

Gardening music (!?!)

OMG! I just found something so weird, new, quite cool, fun, then again weird at the same time: a music video/song about gardening!!! Sponsored by Kekkilä Garden, a Finnish market leader for home gardening and professional landscaping products, this is only in Finnish so sorry about that. So fun marketing idea!   OMG! Löysin just jotain tosi outoa, uutta, aika coolia, hauskaa ja sitten taas outoa, kaikki noi yhtä aikaa: biisi/musiikkivideo puutarhanhoidosta!!! Tämä on Kekkilän sponsoroima, niin siisti markkinointi-idea!