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The End… And the Beginning of @folk_jee

As you may have noticed (go figure) this blog has been so so quiet for the past 6 months. There is a personal reason for that: I had to start focusing on myself more, had to think about my life priorities once again. But this year 2018 has started well and I have had my time to think more about the future me and the future of this blog. There is no death. There is a new beginning. More adapted to this time and future, to what I want to do. Folk Jee is going to move into the Instagram world and the blogging about the great love of my life PLANTS is going to continue there. This blogsite ( will be shut down at the beginning of March. Please join me for the ride @folk_jee (or #folkjee) in Instagram. Basically there is a lot of the same elements that there was here in this blog. But more intuitive, more up to date, more green and, of course, more cooler. I think (and this is just …

Green interior

So I said that there will be posts about our new home and here we go! I’ve been super-excited! Our soon-to-be home is in a small apartment house, built in the 50’s. And that fits perfect because there is something beautiful in 50’s styled furniture. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few of them. Maybe that’s why the place felt like home for the first time I saw it. I’ve been playing a lot with Photoshop and SketchUp to help me think about how to decorate the place. It’s rental so we cannot touch the walls or anything like that, but that’s okay. Because the walls are a perfect tone of white and neutrals. Plain canvas for us to play. The basic rule for me is just this: RECYCLE & UPDATE. I’m not that keen of buying new stuff when it comes to the interior design. There is much more soul and history in the old ones. I’d rather wait for a while to find a perfect old piece of furniture from the flea market …

Autumn turns to winter

Life is weird and that’s how I like it! Just a few months ago (and so many months before that) I was wondering how to make my life more exciting, more relaxed, more like me. And now it’s all happening. I’ve always been an ambassador of “make-your-life-how-you-want-it” kind of attitude. And once again I’ve changed my own life. Luckily I have a partner in my life who is feels the same and is always ready for our new adventures. Now that we are locating ourselves in a new city it’s been a stressful thing to find a new home. I wrote about the importance of home for me in the previous post and that has been highlighted this week. On Monday and Tuesday I scouted some apartments in Helsinki, two days wondering in snow storms. I saw some okay apartments, I saw a few horrible and boring apartments and then I saw one that felt like a home. And I realised that I need the home. I will put a bit more money on our …

Helsinki, here we come!

If you follow me on Instagram (@katrijennisofia) you might have found out that we are moving to Helsinki! That’s due to our work things and we’re hoping this would later mean an easier leap to abroad. I’ve also had difficulties living so far away from my friends, they are my second family and I have lived so many years away from them. They all live in Helsinki. And I’m slowly but firmly finding myself actually loving the idea of moving there. This move means also that this blog gets lots of new posts about different natural places in that city. Cannot wait for those adventures! My (and the Chef’s, too) relationship with Helsinki has been difficult in the past. I’ve lived there two times before. And although those times were full of experiences, I didn’t like that place. Now, after 6 years, and on the verge of new, I’ve started to analyze those reasons that led me to resent that place. At the time I hated that everyone seemed to be in full hurry mode …

Sunday plants

I love slow Sundays. When you have actually time to nurse your plants, feed yourself some sunshine in form of grapefruits and just be. At winter time my daily plant world comprises of seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and flower bouquets. Everyone needs something green and fresh throughout the year.   Rakastan hitaita sunnuntaipäiviä. Kun on oikeasti aikaa hoitaa kasveja, syöttää itselleen hieman auringonpaistetta greippien muodossa ja kun saa vain olla. Talvisaikaan mun kodin kasvimaailma koostuu kauden hedelmistä, tuoreista yrteistä ja kukkakimpuista. Jokainen tarvii jotain vihreää ja tuoretta ympärilleen ympäri vuoden.  

Souvenirs from Japan

When one is a gardener, the other is a chef and they are BOTH designers you might get the idea how exciting it’s going to be when they shop in Japan. I mean there are so much good ingredients, the world’s best tools and visual pleasures in that country. We appreciate tools that will last for a lifetime or even more, tools that someone has made with their own hands, with love. And guess what? It happens that the chef and the gardener are heavy users of knives, saws and scissors. So when we visited several different workshop where they have made those tools since the age of Samurai, we just got nuts. The chef bought five different kitchen knives and two whetstones (and amazed the makers with his knowledge of Japanese knives and how to sharpen knives). Two of the knives has his name engraved in Japanese, forged by the maker of these knives. The gardener (that’s me) bought a Japanese scissors for cutting plants and those scissors also have her name engraved on them. We spent over an …

straw christmas decoration

ZK Christmas

I love Christmas time! Or actually I love the pre-Christmas time. Getting the decorations out from the closet, buying seasonal flowers, making wreaths, baking, everything. I want my home to smell, feel and look like the Christmas is coming soon. This year it’s the first time that I (we) got my own Christmas tree. I’m so in love with it. This is the first time we got a flat so big that there’s enough space for the tree. I want to enjoy the Christmas as long as possible so the tree is already up and standing. We decorated it with traditional Finnish straw decorations and candles. Simple but beautiful. I feel that I’ve reached a certain point of adulthood now that I got my own Christmas tree. It feels awesome! TIP! Our tree isn’t the traditional spruce (Norway spruce), Picea abies. It’s Serbian spruce, Picea omorika, that has more blueish color to it and it keeps its needles better. Perfect for enjoying the tree for a longer time. Our Christmas is more about simplicity, folk, plants, good food …

Japan camelia

Back from Japan

Oh Japan Japan. We got back yesterday night and this is just a sneak peek because there’s about 4000 photos to be sorted out. Yes, there is. But I promise there will be lots of Japan posts soon. Japan was a dream come true and even more. The culture shock yesterday after arriving back to Finland was horrible. I felt more home in Japan. It’s so hard to explain why but luckily my Z shares my thoughts so there’s one person who understands. The Japanese culture, food, gardens, people made so big impression to us. And as we experienced a little earthquake in Kyoto, I think at the same time my whole world was shaken a bit. In a really good way.  

Japan, here we come!

It’s time! Today we’re flying to Japan. I’m beyond excited, cannot believe this is finally happening. The blog will be quiet for two weeks (or maybe more) but I promise I share every little garden detail after we’ve come back. OMG! JAPAN!!!!!! Nyt on aika! Tänään lennämme Japaniin. Oon enemmän kuin innoissani, en usko, että tämä päivä vihdoin tuli. Blogi tulee olemaan hiljainen ainakin kaksi viikkoa (ehkä hieman kauemminkin) mutta lupaan, että jaan jokaisen puutarhoihin liittyvän yksityiskohdan, kun olemme saapuneet takaisin. OMG!!! JAPANI!!!


IKEA’s SINNERLIG collection with Ilse Crawford

Ooh la la, it’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this collection since IKEA published the first photos of collaboration with Ilse Crawford. I would love to have every single piece of the SINNERLIG collection and that’s quite rare! But if someone mixes cork, hand blown glass, natural materials and nude colors, I’m in! I love the simplicity of the line and the urban feeling it has. And come on, on top of everything, every single marketing picture includes plants! Heavenly! Can I have, like, every single one of them…? Pretty please? Oijoijoi, se on vihdoin täällä! Oon oottanut tätä tuotesarjaa siitä lähtien, kun IKEA julkaisi ensimmäiset kuvat yhteistyöstään Ilse Crawfordin kanssa. Haluaisin jokaisen tuotteen SINNERLIG-kokoelmasta ja se on aika harvinaista multa! Mutta hei, jos joku yhdistää korkkia, suupuhallettua lasia, muita luonnonmateriaaleja ja luonnollisen värimaailman, niin miä kannatan! Rakastan tuon kokoelman yksinkertaisuutta ja urbaania fiilistä. Ja siis kaiken lisäksi, jokaisessa sarjan markkinointikuvassa on kasveja! Myyty! Taivaallista! Voinko saada, niinku, joka ikisen noista tuotteista…? Pliis pliis pliis?