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The End… And the Beginning of @folk_jee

As you may have noticed (go figure) this blog has been so so quiet for the past 6 months. There is a personal reason for that: I had to start focusing on myself more, had to think about my life priorities once again. But this year 2018 has started well and I have had my time to think more about the future me and the future of this blog. There is no death. There is a new beginning. More adapted to this time and future, to what I want to do. Folk Jee is going to move into the Instagram world and the blogging about the great love of my life PLANTS is going to continue there. This blogsite ( will be shut down at the beginning of March. Please join me for the ride @folk_jee (or #folkjee) in Instagram. Basically there is a lot of the same elements that there was here in this blog. But more intuitive, more up to date, more green and, of course, more cooler. I think (and this is just …

Going dirty and feminine with Maisie Cousins

When you see the images that Maisie Cousins creates with flowers, first comes a slight shock and you feel how your cheeks start to blush. Then immediately you are intrigued of the images that are so rude and at the same time so fascinating with raw beauty of flowers. You start to wonder how is it possible that pictures of flowers (that are usually so innocent) seem to be almost x-rated stuff??? But these definitely are. Maisie Cousins is a young artist from London who’s sliding in with her sexy flower photos to the art scene.  In her art she explores themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence. I’m loving how people are cherishing flowers and plants in a new kinda way. With a rebellious and adventurous mind.

Rodarte loves Baby’s-breath

This trend has been coming for a while but now Rodarte with its spring 2018 collection probably made the baby’s-breath a trend-on-spot. With using this delicate and romantic plant (Gypsophila) in a modern way with the latest fashion designs they brushed all the 80’s kinda dust away from it. Because all the florists out there know that baby’s-breath is almost boring as it’s the most wanted filling flower for traditional flower bouquets (see that older lady coming in your flower shop and wanting to stuck the baby’s breath in every of your floral designs…?). Photos from here, here and here.

Dries Van Noten + Azuma Makoto

I love to see how the great fashion designers use floral design on their runway shows. It’s so inspiring, the budgets are epic and, oh boy, it’s going to beautiful! Almost few weeks ago it was again Paris Fashion Week and this time Dries Van Noten invited the Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto to make his magic with flowers. I’ve been following Makoto’s work for years and he is the great and modern mastermind of floral art. So, for Dries Van Noten he created multiple ice-encased floral arrangements. And look how gorgeous they look! Photos from here. (I also watched the documentary “Dior and I” from 2014, which is about Raf Simons’ first ever haute couture-collection for Dior, and if you love excessive floral designs you have to watch that. It was amazing!)

The Flower Recipe -book

I know this book was published already in 2013 but I got my piece just a few days ago. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, but somehow I just forgot it. But now it’s here: The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo from Studio Choo. Even before I opened my own little flower shop Kasvihuone I’ve been studying and really getting into more natural way and style of treating flowers in arrangements and bouquets. And this book is all about it. I really love the more technical pages where they show what do you need and how to do it. And the flower arrangement recipes are like candy pages: so beautiful and you just want to jump into the picture to enjoy the flowers even more. Perfect for daydreaming!   Tiiän, että tämä kirja julkaistiin jo vuonna 2013, mutta miä sain omani vasta muutama päivä sitten. Olen odottanut tätä jo kauan, mutta jotenkin sitten aina unohtanut koko asian. Mutta nyt se on täällä: The Flower Recipe Book, jonka ovat tehneet Alethea Harampolis …

Spring flowers loves Pantone!

I got a little hint about this awesome spring flower guide so, of course, I wanted to share this with all of you. Because hey, Pantone colors + beautiful flowers, that’s just perfect! Go check out the link if you want more information about the flowers. The guide is very detailed.  “Spring is one of the best times of year. As the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, adding natural beauty to the landscape. Whether you planted your bulbs in the fall or are just getting ready to revamp your garden, its great to know what flowers are available to you. To give you an idea, FTD created a spring flower and Pantone color pairing guide. It matches 42 spring flowers with the ten Spring 2016 Pantone colors. The colors range from soft blues and pinks to bright reds and yellows, so you’re sure to find flowers that fit your personal preferences. You can quickly reference the flower-color pairings in the mood boards below!”

Iris spring

I needed some spring flowers to cheer me up so I just picked random and quite surprising choices for me. I think have never bought irises before. I don’t know why because they are so beautiful and remind me of my Mum, she’s named after them. Well, I made a few arrangements for our home and they cheered me up. Job well done.   Tarvitsin vähän kevätkukkia piristämään mun eloa, joten valitsin kukkakaupasta ihan sekalaisia ja aika yllättäviäkin kukkia. En muista koskaan aiemmin ostaneeni iiriksiä. En tiedä miksi, koska ne ovat niin kauniitakin ja muistuttavat mua äidistä, joka on nimetty tuon kukan mukaan. Noh, tein sekalaisista kukistani kotiin muutaman asetelman ja heti piristyin. Hyvin tehty siis.

Lunaria annua

I see a new trend flower coming… Lunaria annua, or honesty or money plant, is known for its transparent white seed pods that look almost like magical moon coins or slices of pearls. In the last weeks I’ve seen this so many times in Pinterest that I bet this is going to be next summers hit. You can buy and grow Lunaria from the seeds but you can also get it as a seedling from many nurseries. The coolest thing is that I’ve never seen this plant when its green and flowering. And it looks totally different!! pic here   Mulla on kutina uudesta kukkatrendistä… Lunaria annua eli kesäkuuruoho tunnetaan läpinäkyvistä valkoisista siemenkodistaan, jotka näyttää taianomaisilta kuukolikoilta tai helmistä leikatuilta levyiltä. Viime viikkoina oon nähny tätä kasvia niin monesti Pinterestissä, että voisin veikata sen olevan ensi kesän hitti. Kesäkuuruohoahan voi kasvattaa siemenestä tai ostaa suoraan taimena monistakin taimimyymälöistä. Hulluintahan on, että miäkään en ollut ikinä aiemmin nähnyt kyseistä kasvia vihreänä ja kukkivana. Ja se näyttää niin erilaiselta!!!


Christmas Eve morning moments

I woke up this morning when it was still dark, when everyone else was sleeping. After exhausting work weeks behind me this is my first day off. And it’s the Christmas Eve. I put my woollen socks on and started to wrap the last gifts, put the kettle on for coffee, made an omelette for my Chef. Moments just for me. Perfect. I hope to you all a very Relaxing, Joyful and Merry Christmas! Take moments to enjoy everything little and big and beautiful and magical in life.   Heräsin tänä aamuna niin aikaisin, että oli vielä ihan pimeää ja kaikki muut vielä nukkuivat. Aika uuvuttavien viimeisten työviikkojen jälkeen, tänään on ensimmäinen vapaapäiväni. Ja on jouluaatto. Pistin villasukat jalkaan ja aloin paketoida viimeisiä lahjoja, pistin vedenkeittimen päälle kahvia varten, tein munakkaan Kokilleni. Hetkiä vain minulle. Täydellistä. Toivotan teille kaikille erittäin Rentouttavaa, Riemuisaa ja Hyvää Joulua! Ottakaa itsellenne hetkiä nauttia kaikista pienistä, isoista, kauniista ja ihmeellisistä asioista elämässä.