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The End… And the Beginning of @folk_jee

As you may have noticed (go figure) this blog has been so so quiet for the past 6 months. There is a personal reason for that: I had to start focusing on myself more, had to think about my life priorities once again. But this year 2018 has started well and I have had my time to think more about the future me and the future of this blog. There is no death. There is a new beginning. More adapted to this time and future, to what I want to do. Folk Jee is going to move into the Instagram world and the blogging about the great love of my life PLANTS is going to continue there. This blogsite ( will be shut down at the beginning of March. Please join me for the ride @folk_jee (or #folkjee) in Instagram. Basically there is a lot of the same elements that there was here in this blog. But more intuitive, more up to date, more green and, of course, more cooler. I think (and this is just …

Midsummer in Finland

This weekend marked the ancient celebrations of midsummer in Finland. That means that almost everyone goes to the countryside and to their summer cabins. We also did that because I’m from this idyllic village in southeast Finland, a totally rural area, about 300 people living their. It’s the perfect place to go and have a mindfulness retreat. You wake up to the sounds of bird singing and wind blowing. You can take a long walk in the forests or amaze how the fields grow. Listen to the sounds of buzzing bumble bees that are totally excited about the massive amounts of flowers in the garden. Then make food with fire and have a sauna with Finnish vihta (bath whisk) made of birch. I love it!

Racing Extinction

Do you know what happens when you put seashells in vinegar? Have you thought about what would it be like to see all the carbon dioxide we produce every day? Do you know how to make fire explosions in North where there’s normally a permafrost? Have you heard the song of the last Kauai O’o bird? Have you tasted shark fin soup? Did you know that there’s a fast-speed extinction going on right now? And do you know that our oceans are already like vinegar? It’s always a good idea for every one of us to think about what kind of species we human beings are. Because so many of us – too many of us – do not think about the planet we live on. We care about ourselves at this moment, we do not care about our climate and other species or the future. And while your living in your sweet and comfy bubble I certainly recommend to step out of the comfort zone for once in a while. Just watch Racing Extinction. …

Blue fields of Spring

Bright colours of spring are the best remedy after long, grey and dark winter. Although I don’t normally like bright yellow in flowers, in the spring time it’s a must have. And the sea of bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)! I liked our neighbourhood in the winter, I love it in the spring, so I cannot wait the summer here.

Planet Earth II

This is what the world is talking about at the moment (or if not yet then definitely everyone should be talking about this): Planet Earth II. When in 2006 the first documentary came out, I remember crying when I saw the episode about rainforests. Yes, I cried. It was so beautifully made but at the same time it felt very sad. We  humans are a cruel species towards everything and that we destroy our forests has always hit somewhere deep inside my heart. BBC’s part two series of the popular Planet Earth documentary is truly amazing! I’ve now seen the first two episodes, titled “Islands” and “Mountains”. And after 31 years of watching nature documentaries once a week from national television, there’s still so much that I don’t know about different animals and how they live in this planet. And Planet Earth II reveals so much new! It’s filmed with the latest technology, aerial drones and 4K and you can definitely see that while watching the episodes. I also love the Planet Earth II Diaries …

Foraging, listening and wondering

Countryside never leaves from you if you are born in the middle of the fields and forest, river and sea. That’s why I always feel very much energized when I go back to my childhood places. The misty mornings, flowers in the garden, magical forest, powerful rapids. I’m made of those.

Moss lover

I’m always in awe when I visit a forest with lots of moss. Different kinds of moss and lichen. Few weeks ago, when I visited my home village called Huruksela in Southern Finland, the first thing I did was to go for a walk in the nearby forest. My childhood forest. I love that place. It always calms me and never stops to amaze me with its beauty. Just look at these textures and colors!

Autumn in Japan

It’s been almost a year since we visited Japan and after that there hasn’t been a day without both of us really missing that place, wishing to go back there. I think we are actually Japanese but somehow ended up being born in Finland. Somehow… We’ve also been trying to find ways to relocate ourselves to that country but it’s a difficult task because we don’t speak Japanese we don’t have jobs there Japan has a tough policy about foreign people moving there we’re not married to a Japanese person (although, we’ve been thinking about that we both should find a Japanese spouse and then move to Japan and then be each others lovers there). I found these very autumnal photos that I took in Kobe. I didn’t even have to edit these in Photoshop, they look so beautiful as they are.

Bikes vs Cars

  I’m really passionate about using public transport, bike and my own feet for moving myself around. I try to organise my life the way that I don’t even need a car. Of course, distances are f***ing long in Finland and sometimes I find myself thinking how easy it would be if I had a car. This lasts for about 2 seconds. For 30 years I haven’t needed a car, hopefully I never will. Why am I talking about this in my plant-inspired blog?! Well, you might have heard about global warming, acid rain, environmental stuff like that. That’s when cars (read: people) declare a war to nature. And you might already know how that’s going to end, eventually. Yesterday I saw an awesome and truly inspiring documentary called Bikes vs Cars (you can watch it here if you are in Finland). Might sound a bit boring subject (I thought that at first) but the documentary is so amazingly made, very visual and very touching. The unfortunate truth is that I think this documentary will …

Thoughts about Winter

Winter, oh Winter! Okay, let’s cut the crap at the beginning. I hate winter in Finland. I really do. When the fall starts to turn into winter I get so depressed and annoyed. The first falling snow flakes are okay, preferably at the Christmas, but then it’s just not okay. I hate that it’s so cold or when the snow turns into slush. I hate every winter sport, I don’t even want to go outside. If I could decide I would go to bed at the end of November and then wake up at April. Like bears! Or so many other living beings. They are wise. Every winter for the last 30 years I’ve been thinking: “This is gonna be my last one in this cold country. I don’t need to take this anymore.” But here I am, still. I’m always so amazed by some people who actually enjoy winter. Because I find that so wrong. Maybe I was born in a wrong country. Well, this January we’ve had weeks of -30 Celsius degrees and …