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Spring flowers loves Pantone!

I got a little hint about this awesome spring flower guide so, of course, I wanted to share this with all of you. Because hey, Pantone colors + beautiful flowers, that’s just perfect! Go check out the link if you want more information about the flowers. The guide is very detailed.  “Spring is one of the best times of year. As the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, adding natural beauty to the landscape. Whether you planted your bulbs in the fall or are just getting ready to revamp your garden, its great to know what flowers are available to you. To give you an idea, FTD created a spring flower and Pantone color pairing guide. It matches 42 spring flowers with the ten Spring 2016 Pantone colors. The colors range from soft blues and pinks to bright reds and yellows, so you’re sure to find flowers that fit your personal preferences. You can quickly reference the flower-color pairings in the mood boards below!” Advertisements

Djurgården flowers

Colour-blocking with plants

More from Stockholm, Sweden. This post is about the wonderful colour-blocking style that the gardeners have used in the Djurgården park. In a one corner of the park there was a large area with big flowerbeds, splashes of colour used perfectly. The huge planting areas were full of different annual summer flowers, together making a longer line of colours. It was like a Pantone colour map. It made a totally different effect for the visitor to see these big colour areas compared to if they would have mixed the colours and flowers in one flowerbed (like usually in Finland).   Lisää Tukholmasta. Tää postaus on kokonaan omistettu mahtaville Djurgårdenin puutarhureille ja miten he olivat hyödyntäneet värien käyttöä puiston eri alueiden suunnittelussa. Puiston yhdellä laidalla oli iso alue, jossa oli useita suuria kukkapenkkejä, kuin värimeriä! Valtavat istutusalueet olivat täynnä erilaisia kesäkukkia ja yhdessä penkit muodostivat pidemmän värijonon, ihan kuin Pantonen värikartta. Se efekti, minkä isot värialueet saivat aikaan oli kyllä ihan toista maata kuin jos eriväriset kukat olisivat olleet sekaisin samassa kukkapenkissä (vrt. Suomi).