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The Parks of Kotka

It’s always nice to go back to the places from your childhood. Last weekend I traveled to Kotka, a town by the sea in southeast Finland. My home village is almost 30 kilometres north but Kotka is a very familiar place for me because I spent my high school years there. The town centre is actually located on an island which is so cool. You’re surrounded by the sea everywhere you go. My Mom just moved to the centre and it was so nice to have short distance to every single beautiful park that I really love in Kotka. Because the parks of Kotka are the most award-winning parks in Finland. And yeah, that is so true! I’ve lived and visited the most largest cities in Finland and, sorry for saying this, they just don’t know how to design amazing parks. Heikki Laaksonen, the man behind these parks, is also a lover of modern art and you can see that when you walk in the town. You are surrounded by the beautiful art pieces. So …

Bikes vs Cars

  I’m really passionate about using public transport, bike and my own feet for moving myself around. I try to organise my life the way that I don’t even need a car. Of course, distances are f***ing long in Finland and sometimes I find myself thinking how easy it would be if I had a car. This lasts for about 2 seconds. For 30 years I haven’t needed a car, hopefully I never will. Why am I talking about this in my plant-inspired blog?! Well, you might have heard about global warming, acid rain, environmental stuff like that. That’s when cars (read: people) declare a war to nature. And you might already know how that’s going to end, eventually. Yesterday I saw an awesome and truly inspiring documentary called Bikes vs Cars (you can watch it here if you are in Finland). Might sound a bit boring subject (I thought that at first) but the documentary is so amazingly made, very visual and very touching. The unfortunate truth is that I think this documentary will …

Vihervuosi/The Green Year 2016

It’s always a great idea to focus more on everything green so the idea of a theme year for people to get inspired with plants and to improve their vicinity is awesome. This year it’s the fifth time The Green Year (in Finnish Vihervuosi) is celebrated and the main theme this time around is “Sustainable Finnish landscape”. There are different events all year around. This weekend I bumped into one of the year’s events called “Itupiilo” which is like a treasure hunt in different cities in Finland. It goes on from 31th of March to 3rd of April on Instagram and Facebook. Follow them and you get hints where to find exciting treasures related to plants. The point is that people get to know more about city gardening spaces and the close environment. What a cool idea! I’m definitely going to follow what other great events and happenings the year is going to give.   Mun mielestä on aina hyvä idea keskittyä vähän lisää kaikkeen vihreään, joten ajatus teemavuodesta, jonka avulla ihmiset voivat inspiroitua kasveista …

Warsaw’s National Museum of Ethnography

The perfect Easter post is a post about my visit to the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw. Why? Because I saw that Polish people are very much into Easter, specialised in egg painting and decorating. They also love floral decorations: for wedding crowns, hanging decorations, prints in textiles… The museum is in very central place in Warsaw but still it’s very quiet to go (compared to the war museums there). Note! On Saturdays there’s free entrance. And I have to say that the collections and how the whole museum was curated was awesome! One of the most interesting museums I’ve ever visited. Everything was very modern and interactive although there wasn’t much in English and although the subject was folk. In the music room you could listen all the folk instruments from the tubes coming out of the wall. There was this little Jewish temple built inside the museum. And there were so many interesting details for me to study. On the top of the museum there was a large, most amazing room with a …

Japan camelia

Back from Japan

Oh Japan Japan. We got back yesterday night and this is just a sneak peek because there’s about 4000 photos to be sorted out. Yes, there is. But I promise there will be lots of Japan posts soon. Japan was a dream come true and even more. The culture shock yesterday after arriving back to Finland was horrible. I felt more home in Japan. It’s so hard to explain why but luckily my Z shares my thoughts so there’s one person who understands. The Japanese culture, food, gardens, people made so big impression to us. And as we experienced a little earthquake in Kyoto, I think at the same time my whole world was shaken a bit. In a really good way.  

Japan, here we come!

It’s time! Today we’re flying to Japan. I’m beyond excited, cannot believe this is finally happening. The blog will be quiet for two weeks (or maybe more) but I promise I share every little garden detail after we’ve come back. OMG! JAPAN!!!!!! Nyt on aika! Tänään lennämme Japaniin. Oon enemmän kuin innoissani, en usko, että tämä päivä vihdoin tuli. Blogi tulee olemaan hiljainen ainakin kaksi viikkoa (ehkä hieman kauemminkin) mutta lupaan, että jaan jokaisen puutarhoihin liittyvän yksityiskohdan, kun olemme saapuneet takaisin. OMG!!! JAPANI!!!

blueberry mush, mustikkapöperö

Karelian blueberry mush / Mustikkapöperö

Okay, here’s something that is very dear to me, something from my cultural roots and something full of memories. In Finnish it’s called ‘mustikkapöperö‘ which is translated blueberry mush. It’s a traditional Karelian seasonal dish (a dessert or breakfast, I think…). My grandmother was the one to teach me how to make mustikkapöperö when I was a kid. It was luxurious, as it still is, because it was such a rare delight. It’s only made when there’s fresh wild blueberries in the forest so this time of year is the only time to eat it (curse the ones who do it with FROZEN blueberries. NO NO NO). The forests have been full of blueberries this summer and of course I had to go and pick some for the winter and make some of this suspicious looking but oh so delicious treat. Basically it’s just fresh blueberries and another weird Finnish ingredient: ‘talkkunajauho‘. It’s a flour made of roasted oats. It’s quite bitter so you have to be careful with it but there’s no mustikkapöperö without it. …

Finnish textiles

Craft Museum of Finland

When I moved to Jyväskylä the first things I decided was to visit the Craft Museum of Finland which is located here. Because I love traditional handcrafts and have almost made my living in that field of culture (maybe in the future I will). The museum is quite small but it has such a wonderful things inside it. Interactive things, old school crafts, beautiful textiles and modern ways of using traditional skills. Like carpenter Esa Niiranen‘s skateboards made of Finnish wood, birch bark and reclaimed old textiles. Totally worth visiting.   Kun muutin Jyväskylään, ensimmäisiä asioita joita päätin tehdä, oli käydä viimein Suomen käsityön museossa, joka siis täällä sijaitsee. Koska miä rakastan perinteisiä käsitöitä ja oon melkein siirtynyt työurallanikin siihen suuntaan (ehkä tulevaisuudessa vielä siirrynkin). Tuo museo on aika pieni, mutta silti se pitää sisällään kaikenlaisia ihastuttavia juttuja. Interaktiivisia asioita, vanhan ajan käsitöitä, kauniita tekstiilejä ja myös moderneja tapoja hyödyntää vanhoja perinteisiä tekniikoita. Kuten mallipuuseppä Esa Niirasen skeittilaudat, jotka on tehty suomalaisesta puusta, tuohesta ja kierrätetyistä vanhoista perinneliinoista. Ehdottomasti siis visiitin arvoinen paikka.