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Racing Extinction

Do you know what happens when you put seashells in vinegar? Have you thought about what would it be like to see all the carbon dioxide we produce every day? Do you know how to make fire explosions in North where there’s normally a permafrost? Have you heard the song of the last Kauai O’o bird? Have you tasted shark fin soup? Did you know that there’s a fast-speed extinction going on right now? And do you know that our oceans are already like vinegar? It’s always a good idea for every one of us to think about what kind of species we human beings are. Because so many of us – too many of us – do not think about the planet we live on. We care about ourselves at this moment, we do not care about our climate and other species or the future. And while your living in your sweet and comfy bubble I certainly recommend to step out of the comfort zone for once in a while. Just watch Racing Extinction. …

Loving: Grown and Gathered

I have to share this love of mine: Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered, two farmers and gardeners who live my dream in Australia. Their website/blog is amazing and I’ve been following them mostly on Instagram, dreaming about more simple, more natural life. But this world needs more people like these two. They produce ecological, sustainable seasonal and traditional food, they live simply and slowly, they trade their knowledge and products. And the designer in me loves how they have created a new and modern way to brand a traditional thing, making beautiful posters, visualities and website for them. Now I want to more to Australia and have my own little farm (and for you who now are thinking that why can’t I do that in Finland, let’s just say: the climate.) Mun on pakko jakaa ihastukseni: Matt ja Lentil, jotka muodostavat Grown and Gatheredin. Kaksi australialaista puutarhuria ja maanviljelijää, jotka elävät yhtä unelmaani. Heidän nettisivunsa/ja bloginsa on ihan mahtava ja enimmäkseen olen seurannut heitä Instagramissa parin vuoden ajan, unelmoiden yksinkertaisemmasta, luonnollisemmasta elämästä. Tämä maailma nimittäin tarvitsee enemmän Mattin …

sheep skin

DIY: Multicolored sheep skin

Natural materials are the greatest just because they usually work the best whatever use you have for them. Like the fur: the real sheep fur/skin/wool is so warm that nothing really beats it. So when I got the chance to buy the unused little pieces of sheep skin (40€/kg) from the local sheep farm, I was delighted and saw the wonderful opportunity to make a bigger multicolored sheep skin, perfect butt warmer for the cold autumn and winter pique-niques or just a nice interior element for our home. I chose three different sized, brown pieces. They actually fit together perfectly which was nice surprise. I had strong cotton thread to sew the pieces together. I was really pleased with myself because I got beautiful sheep skin really cheap and I know that it will be in good use for the rest of my life. Luonnonmateriaalit ovat kyllä mahtavinta ikinä, koska yleensä ne ovat edelleen käyttötarkoituksesta riippumatta paras valinta. Kuten turkis: oikea lampaas turkki/talja/villa on niin lämmin, että mikään ei kyllä voita sitä. Joten kun eteeni …

designers on holiday

Designers on holiday

How cool is this idea hosted by London creative studio Featuring Featuring: they brought together 18 designers from different fields and let them create their dream camp site in the island of Gotland, Sweden. For two weeks the Designers On Holiday camped and collaborated, building shelters, a sauna, a bath, a distillery (!), wood oven and other wonderful stuff. I love the simplicity of their designs and, of course, their use of natural materials. And distillery, wow!!! If it would be possible in any way, I would love to get all my designer friends together for something like this. How awesome and fun would it be!!!   Kuin siisti on tämä lontoolaisen luovan studion (jonka nimi on Featuring Featuring) idea: he lähettivät 18 eri alojen suunnittelijaa luomaan unelmiensa kesäleiriä Gotlannin saarelle, Ruotsiin. Kahden viikon ajan Designers On Holiday -projektilaiset majailivat saarella ja suunnittelivat ja rakensivat yhteistyössä mm. telttoja, saunan, kylvyn, tislaamon (!), puu-uunin ja kaikkea muuta mahtavaa. Miä tietenkin rakastan tuota yksinkertaista fiilistä ja, tottakai, luonnonmateriaalien käyttöä. Ja tislaamo, vau!!! Jos se olisi mitenkään mahdollista, niin …

deko luukku house

A tribute to Luukku house

  Yesterday morning I had my morning coffee with me and I decided to browse trough my old deko magazines. Randomly I chose a one from the summer of 2011. I was happily surprised when I noticed that the magazine included an article about one of the greatest and most innovative houses that I’ve ever seen: the Luukku house by Aalto university students. I first saw this zero-energy house in the summer of 2011 when I visited a Holiday Housing Fair in Mäntyharju. The wooden little cabin stood in the middle of the area and I was immediately intrigued. I loved the wooden exterior and I spent a very long time inside the house just admiring the innovative approach to living. All the little details were super smart and beautiful and although the space is only 42 square meters it seemed more bigger just because of the wonderful design. It was definitely my favorite building at the fair and from time to time I returned to think about it. And when the Luukku house bumped …


IKEA’s SINNERLIG collection with Ilse Crawford

Ooh la la, it’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this collection since IKEA published the first photos of collaboration with Ilse Crawford. I would love to have every single piece of the SINNERLIG collection and that’s quite rare! But if someone mixes cork, hand blown glass, natural materials and nude colors, I’m in! I love the simplicity of the line and the urban feeling it has. And come on, on top of everything, every single marketing picture includes plants! Heavenly! Can I have, like, every single one of them…? Pretty please? Oijoijoi, se on vihdoin täällä! Oon oottanut tätä tuotesarjaa siitä lähtien, kun IKEA julkaisi ensimmäiset kuvat yhteistyöstään Ilse Crawfordin kanssa. Haluaisin jokaisen tuotteen SINNERLIG-kokoelmasta ja se on aika harvinaista multa! Mutta hei, jos joku yhdistää korkkia, suupuhallettua lasia, muita luonnonmateriaaleja ja luonnollisen värimaailman, niin miä kannatan! Rakastan tuon kokoelman yksinkertaisuutta ja urbaania fiilistä. Ja siis kaiken lisäksi, jokaisessa sarjan markkinointikuvassa on kasveja! Myyty! Taivaallista! Voinko saada, niinku, joka ikisen noista tuotteista…? Pliis pliis pliis?


CHAYR: Sitting on a field

I’m always intrigued when designers use ecological and natural materials when they bring something new to this world. Because let’s face it: there’s enough everything already. We don’t need another plastic chair. But we may need a seat called CHAYR by Henry&co just because it’s something quite smart. It’s made of hay, straw and wood. I love the sound of that, too. It takes me back to my childhood summers and the golden yellow fields, hay flowing in the wind. And I really love the modern look. Again, a design that I really look up to just because it really shows how to design something contemporary with the feeling of nature. Cool. Oon aina kiinnostunut, kun suunnittelijat käyttävät ekologisia ja luonnollisia materiaaleja suunnittellessaan jotain uutta tähän maalmaan. Koska hei: tässä maailmassa on jo ihan tarpeeksi kaikkea. Emme todellakaan tarvitse uusia muovituoleja. Mutta ehkä tarvitsemme jakkaran nimeltä CHAYR, jonka on suunnitellut Henry&co. Ihan vain siksi, että se on oikeasti järkevästi suunniteltu. Jakkara on tehty heinistä, ruohosta ja puusta. Kuulostaapa ihanalta! Tulee mieleen lapsuuden kesät ja kullankeltaiset viljapellot, …