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  Hyötykasviyhdistys is Finland’s biggest garden association. And I just found out that they have a brand new website which I’ve waited for a long time. It looks amazing and there’s some awesome stuff there (the only negative is that it’s only in Finnish but then again, this is association about Finnish plants and gardening). But I’m sure that in every country there is an association like this. That encourages organic farming, versatile use of plants (and especially native plants), rents communal garden spaces, sells  their own seeds and gives advices to any kind of gardening enthusiast. I first got to know this association and its lovely gardening and seed shop called Alku & Juuri when I lived in Helsinki above it. I visited that shop a lot because the atmosphere there was so amazing. I could spend hours just picking up some weird sounding plant seeds. So if you visit Helsinki and want to visit a wonderful little garden shop, be sure to go there. — Löysin juuri Hyötykasviyhdistyksen uudet nettisivut, joiden uudistumista oonkin odottanut …