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Rodarte loves Baby’s-breath

This trend has been coming for a while but now Rodarte with its spring 2018 collection probably made the baby’s-breath a trend-on-spot. With using this delicate and romantic plant (Gypsophila) in a modern way with the latest fashion designs they brushed all the 80’s kinda dust away from it. Because all the florists out there know that baby’s-breath is almost boring as it’s the most wanted filling flower for traditional flower bouquets (see that older lady coming in your flower shop and wanting to stuck the baby’s breath in every of your floral designs…?). Photos from here, here and here. Advertisements

Dries Van Noten + Azuma Makoto

I love to see how the great fashion designers use floral design on their runway shows. It’s so inspiring, the budgets are epic and, oh boy, it’s going to beautiful! Almost few weeks ago it was again Paris Fashion Week and this time Dries Van Noten invited the Japanese floral artist Azuma Makoto to make his magic with flowers. I’ve been following Makoto’s work for years and he is the great and modern mastermind of floral art. So, for Dries Van Noten he created multiple ice-encased floral arrangements. And look how gorgeous they look! Photos from here. (I also watched the documentary “Dior and I” from 2014, which is about Raf Simons’ first ever haute couture-collection for Dior, and if you love excessive floral designs you have to watch that. It was amazing!)

The Flower Recipe -book

I know this book was published already in 2013 but I got my piece just a few days ago. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, but somehow I just forgot it. But now it’s here: The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo from Studio Choo. Even before I opened my own little flower shop Kasvihuone I’ve been studying and really getting into more natural way and style of treating flowers in arrangements and bouquets. And this book is all about it. I really love the more technical pages where they show what do you need and how to do it. And the flower arrangement recipes are like candy pages: so beautiful and you just want to jump into the picture to enjoy the flowers even more. Perfect for daydreaming!   Tiiän, että tämä kirja julkaistiin jo vuonna 2013, mutta miä sain omani vasta muutama päivä sitten. Olen odottanut tätä jo kauan, mutta jotenkin sitten aina unohtanut koko asian. Mutta nyt se on täällä: The Flower Recipe Book, jonka ovat tehneet Alethea Harampolis …

DIY: Eucalyptus wreaths

It’s definitely a sign of long polar nights coming when the only moments to photograph give you a bit blue photos. But that’s okay, I think. And blue goes well with the star of these photos: Eucalyptus. This year I wanted my winter wreaths to be natural, simple and almost grey so eucalyptus was the choice! I bought a few branches so I could try different things. Buying single branches is very affordable and the other stuff you need are also quite cheap: cotton/hemp/linen string and metal string. To make a round wreath I just made a simple circle with the metal string. I cut the eucalyptus branch in little pieces and started to roll them around the circle. You can also add little metal string pieces to keep the branches in form. And then just add as much as you like. The other “wreath” is just a branch hanging with cotton string. So simple and beautiful! The eucalyptus dries up nicely in a warm and airy space so you can just hang your fresh …

kukat teille flower shop

Self-service flower shop

A while ago I visited Tampere to see my lovely garden girls and we bumped into this self-service flower shop. We had to check it out, of course, with our critical florist eyes. (I took few pics with phone so the quality isn’t that great but you get the point.) The ‘Kukat teille’ flower shop had incredibly colourful exterior, painted by kids from Tampere schools. The interior was full of light with huge windows and wooden staircase and white walls. The cost of the flower arrangements and plants was lower than in a normal flower shop. I think the word for what we felt was confusion. At the same time I liked the idea and then I didn’t. Outside it felt too hippy, inside it was so nice, so Scandinavian. The prices were great, but you might want to have some customer service and someone to give some advice. But what I really liked is how the little shop got us all thinking about new ways to sell flowers. Shaking us a bit… Jokunen aika sitten käväisin …

Summer flowers (for Midsummer)

  In the summer time the best thing is that you have a free entrance to our natural florist of all time: mother nature. I have changed the flower bouquets in our home so many times already. And every single one has been amazing! I love lupines (Lupinus polyphyllus), lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) and wild raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and all of them grow in Finland. To make the flowers last longer cut the stems with a sharp knife (no scissors) and put them in a fresh cold water. Let the flowers adjust for a few hour in water in a about +5 Celsius degrees (a fridge is perfect).   Kesällä parasta on se, että meillä kaikilla on vapaa pääsy kaikkien aikojen floristin putiikkiin: omaan luontoomme. Olen tehnyt ja vaihdellut kotimme kukkakimppuja ja -asetelmia jo niin monta kertaa. Ja jokainen niistä on ollut aivan mahtava! Rakastan lupiineja (Lupinus polyphyllus), poimulehteä (Alchemilla mollis) ja villivadelmaa (Rubus idaeus) ja kaikki ne kasvavat luonnonvaraisina Suomessa. Jotta kesän kukat kestäisivät maljakossa pidempään, leikkaa kukkien varret terävällä veitsillä (ei saksilla, joka vain …

Graduate’s flowers

OMG, I adore this flower work made by Flora and Laura!!! The photo is surrealistic and beautiful at the same time. And it’s inspired by this old photo from 1890’s!!! World of flowers is so amazing. Voi taivas, miten mahtavia kukkajuttuja Floralta ja Lauralta!!! Tuo kuva on jotenkin niin surrealistinen ja kaunis yhtä aikaa. Ja se on hakenut inspiraatiota tuosta vanhasta kuvasta 1890-luvulta!!! Kukkien maailma on kyllä ihmeellinen.

white gladiolus

White flowers with natural touch

For the special graduation party that I told you about in the last post, I had the privilige to do the floral designs. I was given different white flowers to work with. I went to a nearby forest and picked up some wild raspberry (Rubus idaeus) branches which are perfect for floral designs because they last long in a vase, too. I also got some lily of the valley leaves (Convallaria majalis) for the lower bouquets. With these two green materials and the collection of white flowers I created natural-looking and beautiful flower arrangements for the party. Oh, how I love when I get to do it all the natural kind of way! Edellisessä postauksessa kerroinkin lakkiaisista, joissa olin mutta mulla oli myös kunnia tehdä samoihin juhliin kukka-asetelmat. Mulle annettiin käsittelyyn erilaisia valkoisia kukkia. Menin läheiseen metsään ja keräsin villivadelman (Rubus idaeus) oksia, jotka kestää maljakossa leikkonakin todella pitkään. Otin myös vähän kielon (Convallaria majalis) lehtiä matalampia asetelmia varten. Näiden kahden vihreän luonnonmateriaalin ja valkoisten kukkien avulla loin luonnollisen näköisiä ja upeita kukka-asetelmia juhlaan. Voi kuinka rakastankaan …

easter bouquet

Easter bouquet

With this orange easter bouquet (by Katri from the previous post) I wish you all happy and brightful Easter time! (Ah, I so love Ranunculus, one of my favorite flowers.) Tämän oranssin pääsiäiskimpun ohella (jonka teki Katri, edellisen postauksen sankaritar) toivotan teille kaikille iloista ja aurinkoista pääsiäisen aikaa! (Ah, rakastan niin paljon jaloleinikkiä, se on yksi lempparikukistani.)

kukkapuoti tampere

Katri’s flower shop at Tampere market hall

My first real experience of flower shop and floristry was in a little flower shop at Tampere where I did my work practice. My teacher and mentor there was Katri Intonen who has over 30 years of experience with flowers. She didn’t own the place but I think the customers came just because of her and her skills. I learned the most about floral design and people during that period of time. Nowadays Katri has made her dream come true. She has her own little flower shop at the lovely old market hall at Tampere. It’s like going back home as she used to work at the market hall when she was younger. This is the place where people go to meet each other and it’s one of the liveliest places in the city. Every time I pass through the hall Katri’s shop has customers lining. When I went to see her to get these photos taken, I waited for a long time to chat with her. Just because there were few customers that really …