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Loving: Grown and Gathered

I have to share this love of mine: Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered, two farmers and gardeners who live my dream in Australia. Their website/blog is amazing and I’ve been following them mostly on Instagram, dreaming about more simple, more natural life. But this world needs more people like these two. They produce ecological, sustainable seasonal and traditional food, they live simply and slowly, they trade their knowledge and products. And the designer in me loves how they have created a new and modern way to brand a traditional thing, making beautiful posters, visualities and website for them. Now I want to more to Australia and have my own little farm (and for you who now are thinking that why can’t I do that in Finland, let’s just say: the climate.) Mun on pakko jakaa ihastukseni: Matt ja Lentil, jotka muodostavat Grown and Gatheredin. Kaksi australialaista puutarhuria ja maanviljelijää, jotka elävät yhtä unelmaani. Heidän nettisivunsa/ja bloginsa on ihan mahtava ja enimmäkseen olen seurannut heitä Instagramissa parin vuoden ajan, unelmoiden yksinkertaisemmasta, luonnollisemmasta elämästä. Tämä maailma nimittäin tarvitsee enemmän Mattin …


I think one sign of getting old is when you start to preserve everything in the autumn time. Doing different kinds of jams, jellies, pickles, juices… And I love it! By now I’ve made red currant juice, gooseberry chutney and red currant and coconut jam, delicious. And of course every jar and bottle has to look beautiful, too. Why not do all this? There’s a long long winter coming and I’m loving the thought of having lovely summery jam on top of my yogurt breakfast in January. RECIPE FOR THE MOST PERFECT RED CURRANT AND COCONUT JAM 3 litres of fresh red currants, cleaned 2 dl of coconut milk 3 dl (or to your taste) jam sugar Add your red currants and coconut milk into a kettle and bring it boil. Boil in lower heat for 10-15 minutes until the red currants are soft. Then strain the mixture or if you want more texture just blend it roughly in blender. You should have that smooth jam base and then put it back into the kettle. …

blueberry mush, mustikkapöperö

Karelian blueberry mush / Mustikkapöperö

Okay, here’s something that is very dear to me, something from my cultural roots and something full of memories. In Finnish it’s called ‘mustikkapöperö‘ which is translated blueberry mush. It’s a traditional Karelian seasonal dish (a dessert or breakfast, I think…). My grandmother was the one to teach me how to make mustikkapöperö when I was a kid. It was luxurious, as it still is, because it was such a rare delight. It’s only made when there’s fresh wild blueberries in the forest so this time of year is the only time to eat it (curse the ones who do it with FROZEN blueberries. NO NO NO). The forests have been full of blueberries this summer and of course I had to go and pick some for the winter and make some of this suspicious looking but oh so delicious treat. Basically it’s just fresh blueberries and another weird Finnish ingredient: ‘talkkunajauho‘. It’s a flour made of roasted oats. It’s quite bitter so you have to be careful with it but there’s no mustikkapöperö without it. …

sami tallberg wild herb cookbook

Wild herb cookbook

Sometimes it’s better to wait for something to be found than just spend money to get it right away. This happened with a book we just found from the flea market and it was so cheap. It’s Sami Tallberg‘s Wild Herb Cookbook that we’ve been talking about purchasing for a long time. The book is just meant for us because it combines the passions of us two: cooking and plants. The Chef loves the simple recipes and I love the facts of foraging plants for food. Perfect! I always knew that there’s so much to use in Finland’s nature, but this book finally gives me some instructions (and boy, I love the nonfiction and informational books). The book has sections for each foraged plant with one recipe to use it. There’s also information about the season charts and other useful things. (And also, I didn’t know that the book comes in English, too! I actually like it more that way.)   Joskus on parempaa ja mielenkiintoisempaa odotella jonkun asian tulevan löydetyksi kuin hankkia se isolla rahalla …


Edible flowers for the special party

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES! Yesterday we had this lovely girl’s graduation party to attend to and the Chef of our family made wonderful food for it. There were beautiful edible flowers like Phlox and Verbena flowers and  (ordered from Mimis webshop) on top of the cakes and pannacotta desserts. He also collected some wood sorrels (Oxalis acetosella) and its flowers on top of the savory bread cakes. And new growths of the spruce trees. Yummy!   ONNEKSI OLKOON KAIKILLE UUSILLE YLIOPPILAILLE JA MUILLE VALMISTUNEILLE! Eilen olimme tämän ihanan tytön lakkiaisissa ja perheemme Kokki teki avustuksellamme ihan mahtavat ruuat juhliin. Kakkujen päällä ja pannacotta-jälkiruokien koristeena käytettiin syötäviä kukkia, kuten leimua (Phlox sp.) ja verbenaa (Verbena sp.), jotka tilattiin Mimis-nettikaupasta. Kokki oli myös kerännyt voileipäkakkujen päälle ketunleipiä ja niiden kukkia (Oxalis acetosella). Ja kuusenkerkkiä koristeeksi kaikkeen. Herkullista!