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The closing of Kasvihuone (“The Greenhouse”)

WHAT A SUMMER! This blog automatically went on a long holiday just because I was so busy with my pop up-shop Kasvihuone and everything awesome that came with it. I think it is fair that I share some glimpses of this summer projects here too. This will also be a good wake up- post for this blog. Because I have so many post ideas ready and coming here so stay tuned. So I explained a little bit of the background of Kasvihuone in this post. And now I want to tell about the summer, what happened and what next. I opened my shop in the first week of June and closed the door at the end of September. 4 months went so quickly and so many things happened during that time. It was a great way to learn to be an entrepreneur, especially trying to do things in more ecological way and, of course, learn about yourself, too. The idea of a garden and flower shop for city gardeners was amazing because I got so many …

GardenShop Fiskars

GardenShop in Fiskars village

Few days ago I visited the GardenShop Tahvoset in the lovely Fiskars village. (I was on a work trip and also visited a very big nursery: Puutarha Tahvoset Ltd. I had the privilege to take a tour there. I saw hundreds and hundreds of plants! And I also got a little glimpse of the next spring trends in the world of plants…). The Fiskars village is so beautiful and the GardenShop fits there perfectly. I really liked their little front garden and the stylish, white indoor space. A garden shop for my taste!   Muutama päivä sitten vierailin GardenShopissa ihanassa Fiskarsissa. (Olin työmatkalla ja kävimme myös todella isolla taimistolla: Puutarha Tahvosilla. Mulla oli kunnia saada kierros taimistolla ja nähdä satoja erilaisia kasveja! Pääsin myös vilkaisemaan vähän ensi kevään kasviuutuuksia…) Fiskarsin kylä on kyllä niin kaunis ja tuo GardenShop sopii sinne täydellisesti. Tykkäsin tosi paljon puodin edessä olevasta kasvialueesta/puutarhasta ja sisäosien tyylikkäästä, valkoisesta tunnelmasta. Mansikkakankaan leikkaamisestakin voi tehdä tyylikkään tapahtuman. Puutarhakauppa mun makuuni!