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Take the hawthorn down

Last spring me and my family decided it’s time to do something with the overgrown hawthorn (Crataegus grayana) in my dad’s garden. The fence had been left to grow without any disturbance for almost 30 years and it was shadowing everything else near it including plum, cherry and apple trees. The best thing about hawthorn is that you can actually cut it down and it won’t die. Usually you cut the plants down in the early spring before the buds burst. But with hawthorn you can do it later and it won’t mind (we did this in Easter time). The worst thing was that because of the huge size of the fence, the thorns were also quite big. We had to be careful not to get any thorns through our shoes or eyes. The tractors tires got the most of the thorns which caused a bit problems later. My brother was the first to go to the bushes with the chain saw. Then we tore and lifted the branches and my dad took the branches …