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The Rose (or Peony) Garden

  Remember when I promised to show you the outside garden area of the Winter Garden in the last post? Well, here it comes! The garden in front of the Winter Garden greenhouses is called the Rose Garden, but there’s so much more into it. When I visited this garden a week ago there wasn’t that much of roses blooming but more beautiful perennials. It’s also so nice that they (=the gardeners of Winter Garden) have planted lots of summery seasonal pots full of colourful flowers. So much inspiration here! And the peonies were in full bloom, so amazing! Advertisements

The Winter Garden

One of my favourite places in Helsinki has always been the Winter Garden. Founded in 1893 you can almost feel like going back in time when you step into this little glass palace greenhouse. This is a haven of green lush when you visit here during the winter months but it’s as nice in the summertime. The Winter Garden consists of three wings of greenhouses. There’s a wing for the cacti and succulent plants with walls of orchid, a room for palm and pine trees with water ponds and the third room is kinda seasonal room with lots of seating areas. There’s also a really nice outside garden just in front of the greenhouses but there’s so much in there that I will make a second post about that. So stay tuned! But now some tropical green lushness!  

Blue fields of Spring

Bright colours of spring are the best remedy after long, grey and dark winter. Although I don’t normally like bright yellow in flowers, in the spring time it’s a must have. And the sea of bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)! I liked our neighbourhood in the winter, I love it in the spring, so I cannot wait the summer here.

New home neighborhood

We’ve lived in Helsinki for 4 months now and I just haven’t managed to post anything about our new neighborhood.  Let’s fix that! We live in Munkkiniemi which is like its own little village inside Helsinki, just few kilometers from the centrum. This place is by the sea, most of the buildings are from the 1940’s or 1950’s and you can see the influence of those years also in the gardens here. I love wondering around this area because the houses are so beautiful, the tram number 4 comes straight from the city centrum, there are lots of nature areas and, of course, the sea. I am so much a sea person. It smells different, it feels different and calms you differently than lakes or rivers. All the gardens in this area, even how small, are perfectly designed to match the 50’s feeling. The plants like Rhododendron, Taxus and Hydrangea are so 50’s! The gardener inside me is thrilled to see garden spots that are so well thought. These photos are from January but it actually doesn’t …