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plantui smart garden

Plantui Smart Garden

Finnish innovations in the home gardening world! I found Plantui’s Smart Garden recently and it looked so interesting that I have to share it. It’s a soil-free indoor gardening device, based on hydroponics. You can grow herbs and salads or why not try edible flowers. But the greatest thing is you can grow them all year around. I mean, in Finland, that is a big thing. And it only takes up to 6 to 8 weeks to grow a full plant from the seed. When I was studying to be a gardener, I always found that one of the most interesting things was hydroponics. It sounds so weird that you’ll only need water and nutritions to grow your plants. Not soil! Still I think it’s amazing. I’ve seen it happening in many different techniques, though I haven’t had a chance to try it on my own. Maybe in the future. — Jotain suomalaistakin kodin hyötykasvien kasvatukseen! Törmäsin Plantuin Smart Garden-viljelylaitteen vähän aikaa sitten ja laite näytti niin jännittävältä, että jaan sen myös täällä. Kasvatukseen ei tarvita …