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Do it like Japanese do

Japan, oh how I miss you! I love to go through the photos we took from our trip to Japan in November 2015. They calm and amaze me every time. And there’s always something new to spot and get inspired. And I know I’ve already done a lot of Japan-related posts here but there’s still more to share. In this post I’ll be focusing on the gardening techniques of Japanese. Because they are genious! And they use natural materials and ways to care gardens. That is something I really appreciate and I think everyone should. Someday, when I have my own garden to tend to, I will definitely use all of these techniques. PEST CONTROLLING (Komo-Maki) The first time we entered a Japanese garden in Tokyo we noticed these weird straw mats wrapped around trees. It seemed totally odd until we saw this little sign that explained it all: Komo Maki. So how does it works? Well, first of all, remember it was November when we visited Japan and these gardens. The weather was turning …

Mini bonsai

I love to go back to the photos that we took when we were in Japan a year ago. All these little details make me happy and there’s always something new that I found from the photos. Look at these mini bonsai plants that are grown in a stone!!! Love that country.

Let’s shop plants in Japan!

Everyone knows that there’s lots of gorgeous gardens in Japan! But what I wanted to know was where do they get their plants? Where does a regular dweller shop for plants? That was a bit of mystery until we accidentally took an elevator up to the highest floor of skyscraper in Tokyo. The building was a regular shopping center or mall and there, at the roof of the building we found a nursery. After that accident we noticed that usually at the top floor of every mall there’s a plant shop or nursery. Of course there were also little shops and stalls at market places or hidden in the narrow streets. Those were so beautiful too. Every time I saw a little place that sold plants I would stop to admire their artful little plants. The perfect places for a plant lover like me. Oh, how I miss Japan!   Kaikkihan kyllä tietää, että Japani on täynnä taivaallisia puutarhoja! Mutta miä halusin siellä ollessani tietää, mistä ihmiset siellä ostavat kasvinsa? Se tieto oli jonkin aikaa …

Gardeners of Japan

During our trip to Japan one of the most interesting thing for me was, of course, the gardens, but also the people who worked their. I was spying them all the time, taking secret photos when they thought I was photographing some plants. I wanted to learn the techniques they use, the hierarchy, everything. It was like a secret study for me. Here are my observations: Every gardening tool they use in Japan is a piece of art. Notice the folk craft brushes! I didn’t see a single plastic tool there, not a one. Saws, scissors, ropes, knives, rake, you name it. They are all the real thing, look beautiful, are taken care of for years. I love that kind of appreciation for a good work tool. Look at how the gardeners are dressed. There was only one place where the gardeners had a bit modern work jump suits but everywhere else their clothing were traditional. Looked so beautiful. In the moss gardens most of the gardeners tending it wore ninja shoes or tabi boots, …



2016!!! Welcome to a new year! I’m so excited, happy, stressed and terrified at the same time. Mainly the first two. I know this year is going to be a life changer because I’m going to make it that way. Stay tuned… Before we visited Japan in November I asked my sister what would she like me to bring to her from that country. She said she wanted a moss ball, a kokedama. Well, that’s not so easy because of the custom regulations so I made her a kokedama myself. It turned out to be awesome and really easy to make. I used a type of spiderwort (Tradescantia) and just made a moss ball with nettle string to cover its roots. Cool!   2016!!! Tervetuloa uuteen vuoteen! Oon niin innoissani, onnellinen, stressaantunut ja ehkä hieman kauhuissanikin samaan aikaan. Mutta eniten noita kahta ekaa. Tiedän, että tänä vuonna tapahtuu jotain tajunnanräjäyttävää ja mahtavaa, koska aion tehdä vuodestani sellaisen. Pysy mukana… Ennen kuin lähdimme Japaniin marraskuussa, kysyin sisareltani, mitä hän haluaisi tuliaisiksi. Hän sanoi, että sammalpallon, kokedaman. Noh, …

street garden Japan

The street gardens of Japan

For a plant lover there is so much to look at in Japan. Because almost every little space is filled with plants and flowers. I literally couldn’t move quite fast in the street because I had to photograph every single street garden I noticed. Here’s a few.   Tällaiselle kasvifanille Japani tarjoaa niin paljon katseltavaa. Koska lähes jokainen pieni tila kaduilla, pihoissa, missä vaan, on täytetty kasveilla ja kukilla. En kirjaimellisesti kyennyt liikkumaan kovin kovaa, koska parin metrin välein piti pysähtyä valokuvaamaan paikallisten ihania katupuutarhoja. Tässä muutamia.     

Kenroku-en Japan Kanazawa

TOP 3: Japan gardens

I start my post series about Japan with a Top 3 of the greatest gardens we visited during our trip there. There are hundreds of beautiful gardens in Japan, we missed so many. Some of the gardens we visited were amazing beyond words, some of them were OK and full of tourists. But maybe this list of mine will give you some hint where you should definitely go, when visiting Japan and its gardens. And I think that I will be back there some day, so please, give me hints where to go next time (what did I miss?).   Aloitan mun Japani-aiheiset bloggaukset tärkeimmällä eli Top 3 mahtavimmat puutarhat, missä kävimme matkallamme. Japanissa on satoja tajuttoman kauniita puutarhoja ja mekin missasimme niin monia. Jotkut puutarhat ovat sanoinkuvaamattoman ihmeellisiä, jotkut ihan ok ja täynnä turisteja. Mutta ehkä tämä minunkin lista auttaa saamaan jotain vihjettä, missä kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä, jos Japani ja puutarhat kiinnostavat. Ja luulenpa, että itekin palaan vielä tuohon maahan jonain päivänä, joten mullekin saa antaa vinkkiä, missä vielä pitäisi käydä.   Top 1. …

Japan camelia

Back from Japan

Oh Japan Japan. We got back yesterday night and this is just a sneak peek because there’s about 4000 photos to be sorted out. Yes, there is. But I promise there will be lots of Japan posts soon. Japan was a dream come true and even more. The culture shock yesterday after arriving back to Finland was horrible. I felt more home in Japan. It’s so hard to explain why but luckily my Z shares my thoughts so there’s one person who understands. The Japanese culture, food, gardens, people made so big impression to us. And as we experienced a little earthquake in Kyoto, I think at the same time my whole world was shaken a bit. In a really good way.  

We’re going to Japan!

OMG! One of my dreams is actually coming true! We booked the flights to Japan and we’re going there in November. It’s definitely going to be an adventure as we are going to get the Japan rail pass to get around. Nothing certain is planned yet so now we need your help: TIPS? We want to see the coolest forests and nature’s creations, botanical gardens and different kinds of wonderfully beautiful gardens and, of course, the greatest places to eat. So plants and food, yes please. Also, if you know any good ryokan places (not the most expensive ones), please let us know. Thoughts about Japan and what we want to see or do: Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa Botanical garden in Tokyo Yakushima island old forests (that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke!) eat lots of ramen eat lots of bento spend almost a week in Kyoto, lots of tips needed for this part of the trip! go to japanese flea markets to find treasures visit onsen LOTS OF MORE… OMG! Yksi mun suurista unelmista on toteutumassa! Varasimme …