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Plant mecca near Helsinki

A few weeks ago me and my friends made a plant trip to find some new house plants. We ended up getting here:  a garden center called Viherpaja in Vantaa. And now I think this is the best kept secret of plant business in the Helsinki area! This place looks modest when you enter the yard but when you step inside and start to get even deeper inside the greenhouses you will see this magical jungle of different plants. There’s lots of regular green plants but also lots of rare ones. The place has several green houses attached to each other so be sure to check every one of them. Some the green houses are closed at the wintertime (I was really disappointed that the Japanese Garden themed green house was closed) but there’s still a lot to see. And there’s almost always some kind of plant exhibition in some of the green houses. Now they had Guzmania exhibition. Definitely have to go to this place at the summertime also. Just to see how amazing …

Autumn turns to winter

Life is weird and that’s how I like it! Just a few months ago (and so many months before that) I was wondering how to make my life more exciting, more relaxed, more like me. And now it’s all happening. I’ve always been an ambassador of “make-your-life-how-you-want-it” kind of attitude. And once again I’ve changed my own life. Luckily I have a partner in my life who is feels the same and is always ready for our new adventures. Now that we are locating ourselves in a new city it’s been a stressful thing to find a new home. I wrote about the importance of home for me in the previous post and that has been highlighted this week. On Monday and Tuesday I scouted some apartments in Helsinki, two days wondering in snow storms. I saw some okay apartments, I saw a few horrible and boring apartments and then I saw one that felt like a home. And I realised that I need the home. I will put a bit more money on our …

Kasvihuone / The Greenhouse

Hi there! You might have been thinking what’s been happening since the beginning of May because I’ve been dead quiet at the blogging scene. Well, this happened: I quit my job as a product category manager in a big garden center. I found a wonderfully beautiful and perfect space for my dream. I started my own business. All this happened in just a few weeks and everything has been going thousands miles since the rocks started rolling. I think I will return in some post to tell you some more about everything but this post is about my current project called Kasvihuone (in English “The Greenhouse”). I’m opening a pop up plant and flower shop for urban gardeners!!! The shop is located in Jyväskylä, Finland (the precise address is Vaasankatu 12 B, if you want to visit). It’s going to start this summer, lasting up to 3 months but after that… you never know… My shop sells mostly useful plants for bigger and smaller urban kitchen gardens, annual flowering plants, flower arrangements and bouquets and some …

Narsissi by Pentik

Nowadays I usually don’t like very colourful or printed textiles. For years I’ve been more of a muted-simple-colours-girl. But when I saw Pentik‘s (Finnish interior design retailer)  new Easter fabric called Narsissi I surprised myself. I really like it!!! I actually want to buy it! Is it the spring and the light or am I just getting older? I love the water-coloured image and the fresh colours. Some colours for me!   En nykyään oikein tykkää tosi värikkäistä tai kuvioiduista tekstiileistä. Jo vuosia olen ollut enemmän sellainen luonnonläheiset-ja-simppelit-värit-tyttö. Mutta kun näin Pentikin uuden pääsiäismalliston ja erityisesti kankaan nimeltä Narsissi, niin yllätin täysin itseni. Miä oikeasti tykkään siitä!!! Ja haluan hankkia sellaisen itselleni! Onko se tää kevät ja valo vai oonko vain tulossa vanhaksi? Rakastan tuota vesiväritettyä kuvamaailmaa ja noita raikkaita värejä. Vähän värejä mullekin!    

Sunday plants

I love slow Sundays. When you have actually time to nurse your plants, feed yourself some sunshine in form of grapefruits and just be. At winter time my daily plant world comprises of seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and flower bouquets. Everyone needs something green and fresh throughout the year.   Rakastan hitaita sunnuntaipäiviä. Kun on oikeasti aikaa hoitaa kasveja, syöttää itselleen hieman auringonpaistetta greippien muodossa ja kun saa vain olla. Talvisaikaan mun kodin kasvimaailma koostuu kauden hedelmistä, tuoreista yrteistä ja kukkakimpuista. Jokainen tarvii jotain vihreää ja tuoretta ympärilleen ympäri vuoden.  

straw christmas decoration

ZK Christmas

I love Christmas time! Or actually I love the pre-Christmas time. Getting the decorations out from the closet, buying seasonal flowers, making wreaths, baking, everything. I want my home to smell, feel and look like the Christmas is coming soon. This year it’s the first time that I (we) got my own Christmas tree. I’m so in love with it. This is the first time we got a flat so big that there’s enough space for the tree. I want to enjoy the Christmas as long as possible so the tree is already up and standing. We decorated it with traditional Finnish straw decorations and candles. Simple but beautiful. I feel that I’ve reached a certain point of adulthood now that I got my own Christmas tree. It feels awesome! TIP! Our tree isn’t the traditional spruce (Norway spruce), Picea abies. It’s Serbian spruce, Picea omorika, that has more blueish color to it and it keeps its needles better. Perfect for enjoying the tree for a longer time. Our Christmas is more about simplicity, folk, plants, good food …

street garden Japan

The street gardens of Japan

For a plant lover there is so much to look at in Japan. Because almost every little space is filled with plants and flowers. I literally couldn’t move quite fast in the street because I had to photograph every single street garden I noticed. Here’s a few.   Tällaiselle kasvifanille Japani tarjoaa niin paljon katseltavaa. Koska lähes jokainen pieni tila kaduilla, pihoissa, missä vaan, on täytetty kasveilla ja kukilla. En kirjaimellisesti kyennyt liikkumaan kovin kovaa, koska parin metrin välein piti pysähtyä valokuvaamaan paikallisten ihania katupuutarhoja. Tässä muutamia.     

Japan, here we come!

It’s time! Today we’re flying to Japan. I’m beyond excited, cannot believe this is finally happening. The blog will be quiet for two weeks (or maybe more) but I promise I share every little garden detail after we’ve come back. OMG! JAPAN!!!!!! Nyt on aika! Tänään lennämme Japaniin. Oon enemmän kuin innoissani, en usko, että tämä päivä vihdoin tuli. Blogi tulee olemaan hiljainen ainakin kaksi viikkoa (ehkä hieman kauemminkin) mutta lupaan, että jaan jokaisen puutarhoihin liittyvän yksityiskohdan, kun olemme saapuneet takaisin. OMG!!! JAPANI!!!

Loving: Grown and Gathered

I have to share this love of mine: Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered, two farmers and gardeners who live my dream in Australia. Their website/blog is amazing and I’ve been following them mostly on Instagram, dreaming about more simple, more natural life. But this world needs more people like these two. They produce ecological, sustainable seasonal and traditional food, they live simply and slowly, they trade their knowledge and products. And the designer in me loves how they have created a new and modern way to brand a traditional thing, making beautiful posters, visualities and website for them. Now I want to more to Australia and have my own little farm (and for you who now are thinking that why can’t I do that in Finland, let’s just say: the climate.) Mun on pakko jakaa ihastukseni: Matt ja Lentil, jotka muodostavat Grown and Gatheredin. Kaksi australialaista puutarhuria ja maanviljelijää, jotka elävät yhtä unelmaani. Heidän nettisivunsa/ja bloginsa on ihan mahtava ja enimmäkseen olen seurannut heitä Instagramissa parin vuoden ajan, unelmoiden yksinkertaisemmasta, luonnollisemmasta elämästä. Tämä maailma nimittäin tarvitsee enemmän Mattin …

heather calluna vulgaris

Heather weather

The autumn is here! I’ve been cleaning our balcony garden like maniac in various occasions, throwing away all the bad-looking plants and it the space started to look so empty. So it was definitely the time to add some new seasonal flowers. The traditional red heather (Calluna vulgaris) is not something I like (except in nature) but I really like the white and green ones. So this little and more modern autumn basket was perfect choice for our balcony! I added some candles and other decorations and voilá – we’re ready for the crisp and mystical autumn nights!   Syksy on täällä! Oon siivonnut parvekepuutarhaamme monena eri kertana, heittänyt pois pahannäköisiä ja kaikkensa antaneita kasveja ja nyt tila alkoi näyttämään jo aika tyhjältä. Joten oli ehdottomasti aika lisätä uusia kausikukkia. Se perinteinen punainen kanerva (Calluna vulgaris) ei ole ihan mun maun mukainen (paitsi luonnossa), mutta tykkään todella paljon noista valkoisista ja vihreistä versioista. Istutinkin tällaisen pienen modernimman kanervakorin, josta tuli juuri täydellinen meidän parvekkeelle! Lisäsin sitten vielä vähän kynttilöitä ja muita koristuksia ja voilá – …