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Bikes vs Cars

  I’m really passionate about using public transport, bike and my own feet for moving myself around. I try to organise my life the way that I don’t even need a car. Of course, distances are f***ing long in Finland and sometimes I find myself thinking how easy it would be if I had a car. This lasts for about 2 seconds. For 30 years I haven’t needed a car, hopefully I never will. Why am I talking about this in my plant-inspired blog?! Well, you might have heard about global warming, acid rain, environmental stuff like that. That’s when cars (read: people) declare a war to nature. And you might already know how that’s going to end, eventually. Yesterday I saw an awesome and truly inspiring documentary called Bikes vs Cars (you can watch it here if you are in Finland). Might sound a bit boring subject (I thought that at first) but the documentary is so amazingly made, very visual and very touching. The unfortunate truth is that I think this documentary will …

Garden Lovers / Eedenistä pohjoiseen

This Finnish garden documentary from last year is one the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. The film director, Virpi Suutari, creates beautiful summer garden images from the lives of Finnish couples. They share their intimate life stories with the help of their gardens. While nurturing plants, some grief their lost child, other try to cope with their stressful work. And their gardens are full of love, tears, butterflies and discoveries. I absolutely love the images of this movie. And it definitely gives you the feeling that gardening can heal everything. And you start to wait the summer more intensively. If you are quick you can watch the full movie here (in Finnish, though). — Oletteko jo nähneet tämän Virpi Suutarin viime vuonna ilmestyneen puutarhadokumentin? Siinä on ihania kesäisiä maisemia ja puutarhoja, joiden kautta kurkistetaan erilaisten pariskuntien elämään. Jotkut hoitavat kasvejaan päästäkseen yli lapsensa kuolemasta, toiset taas rentoutuakseen työstä. Mutta se visuaalisuus! Puutarhat täynnä rakkautta, kyyneleitä, perhosia ja aarteita. Ja tämän voi vielä muutaman päivän katsoa kokonaan YleAreenasta.