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DIY: Sprouting seeds

I can’t get enough of seeds at the moment. I know, I know, it’s the spring. Now I tried sprouting different seeds I found from our home: mustard seeds, lettuce seeds, peas, anything! Different sprouts taste different, for example, little mustard seedlings are so strong flavoured, perfect add to salads, on top of bread or decorative elements for a fancy dinner dish. Here’s some instructions for you to enjoy sprouting, too.   Juuri nyt en saa tarpeekseni kaikenlaisista siemenistä. Tiiän, tiiän, se on tää kevät. Kokeilin myös pitkästä aikaa versotusta kaikenlaisilla siemenillä, joita kotoa löytyi: sinapinsiemeniä, salaatin siemeniä, herneitä, mitä vain! Erilaiset versot ja idut maistuvat erilaisilta, esimerkiksi pienet sinapinsiementen versot maistuvat todella voimakkailta, täydellisiä salaatteihin, leivän päälle tai koristeeksi hienoihin illallisannoksiin. Tässä muutamia neuvoja versotukseen.     Advertisements

rosendals garden

Rosendals Trädgård / Rosendal’s Garden

One more from Stockholm. Because this was the greatest thing of all and I don’t think that so many visitors even know this place exist so close to the centrum. It’s Rosendal’s biodynamic garden which is located in the middle of the Djurgården island. For a gardener like me (I like everything to be precise in a natural kind of way, keep places clean, have lots of usefull plants cultivated but still make something look modern and stylish) the Rosendal’s garden was like a dream come true. The garden appears after a green and luscious old park and first you see a wide open field with straight lines of plants. Then you start to look around and see different kinds of ‘rooms’, different areas with different purposes. There is a fenced little commercial garden with white greenhouse for just reading and keeping little workshops. There are larger fields for vegetables, root vegetables and other useful plants. There is a small country house with it’s private and beautiful garden. An orchard with hundreds of apple trees, a rose …

planting bean seedling

First ones out

As I told you earlier, the spring here has been slow and cold. But the seedlings have been growing and I noticed that the beans started to look unwell just because they had too small space. They needed to move into a bigger home so I decided it’s time for them to move out to the balcony. I was so excited to get the balcony into its summer look that I also bought some wonderful pelargoniums to give it a little colour. For growing the plants in the balcony we have some old wooden boxes and plastic ones that I use when moving. I covered the wooden boxes with a bit thicker plastic to keep the soil and moist contained. To the bottom I put a 5 cm layer of gravel, then a newspaper layer to keep the soil from the gravel and the added the soil. I then planted the seedlings of bean. I also wanted to give them company so I put some flower seeds like poppies and cornflowers into the soil. I also …

pots seedlings

Thinning out the seedlings

I was hoping to get my seedlings ready to be potted and planted straight to the balcony garden from their original paper pots in May. But the weather has been so annoying, the temperatures fluctuating and yesterday it was snowing like there’s no tomorrow. I cannot even think about moving the plants to the balcony. The seedlings have been growing bigger and bigger and they need more space. So I made a decision to pot the herbs (basil and mint), pot also the zucchini seedlings and thin out komatsuna and kale seedlings. The beans also needed a stakes, they are getting so long. After doing this operation I hope that I can keep the seedlings inside the apartment and growing at least two more weeks because I do not trust that weather. Miä toivoin, että toukokuussa olisin jo voinut istuttaa keittiöpuutarhani taimet suoraan parvekkeelle lopullisiin istutuslaatikkoihinsa ja ruukkuihin pois niistä paperisista kasvatusruukuista. Mutta sää on ollut niin ärsyttävä, lämpötilat heitelleet ja eilen satoi luntakin, ihan kuin mikään ei riittäisi. En uskalla vielä edes ajatella kasvien siirtämistä …


How’s the seedlings?

It’s been now 10 days since I sow our seeds and lots of growth has been happening. The beans are just crazy, they grow so fast that I know I’m gonna be in trouble soon. Also the komatsuna seedlings are up and rising like there’s no tomorrow. Not in so hurry are the basil, mint, onion, violet and zucchini seedlings although they are all growing steadily. It’s so much fun and also quite amazing to see all that life pushing its way from the soil. Life is full of miracles! And maybe we’ll have a huge and luscious kitchen garden soon. P.S. I couldn’t resist to sow a few more seeds that I got: kale ‘Black Magic’ (Brassica oleracea) broccoli ‘Redhead (Brassica oleracea var. italica) brussels sprout ‘Trafalgar F1 Hybrid’ (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera)   Nyt on 10 päivää siitä kun kylvin meidän pikku siemenet ja paljon kasvua on tapahtunut sen jälkeen. Pavut ovat ihan hulluja, ne kasvavat niin nopeasti, että olen kohta pulassa niiden kanssa. Samoin komatsunan taimet kasvavat kuin huomista ei olisikaan. Ei-niin-kiireisiä ovat basilika, minttu, …

seed pots

Sowing seeds for the upcoming balcony garden

In the previous post we had some diy ideas for seed pots and now we will sow seeds in them! The spring and the new balcony madness has been so much fun and (as you noticed in our balcony plans) we got a bit excited when ordering the seeds (the herbs and vegetables we ordered from Hyötykasviyhdistys and the chilis from Fatalii). I divided the seeds into two groups: the ones I should sow now to get the party started and the ones that I can put right into the ground in May. You can find clear instructions from the bag to find out when is the right time to do the job for each seeds. Most of the seeds were quite small so they don’t need to be soaked but bigger ones like zucchini and bean I soaked for about 6 hours. The group that was now ready for a head start includes these: lesser catmint/basil thyme (Clinopodium nepeta) mammoth basil (Ocimum basilicum) zucchini ‘Tondo Chiaro di Nizza’ (Cucurbita pepo) komatsuna/Japanese mustard spinach (Brassica rapa var. …



  Hyötykasviyhdistys is Finland’s biggest garden association. And I just found out that they have a brand new website which I’ve waited for a long time. It looks amazing and there’s some awesome stuff there (the only negative is that it’s only in Finnish but then again, this is association about Finnish plants and gardening). But I’m sure that in every country there is an association like this. That encourages organic farming, versatile use of plants (and especially native plants), rents communal garden spaces, sells  their own seeds and gives advices to any kind of gardening enthusiast. I first got to know this association and its lovely gardening and seed shop called Alku & Juuri when I lived in Helsinki above it. I visited that shop a lot because the atmosphere there was so amazing. I could spend hours just picking up some weird sounding plant seeds. So if you visit Helsinki and want to visit a wonderful little garden shop, be sure to go there. — Löysin juuri Hyötykasviyhdistyksen uudet nettisivut, joiden uudistumista oonkin odottanut …