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Rhododendron explosion

Prepare yourself for this colour therapy post: because something strange has happened here in Helsinki, Finland! The spring was so cold and came late and it seems like the whole nature is now rushing to start the growing and blooming season. And so has happened in Helsinki’s Rhododendron Garden where rhododendrons and azaleas are NOW blooming at the same time! That is so rare! Normally the azaleas bloom earlier and then in the first weeks of June starts rhododendrons. As a birthday present for myself we made a biking trip to this amazing park to see these beauties. We were so amazed by how colourful and vast the whole place was. It was like a magical jungle of flowers! And the fragrance of those flowers was so unique! If you want to see this go there now (Laajasuontie in Etelä-Haaga; Huopalahti station if you go by train)! I think the plants will bloom just a few days more. Advertisements

Parks in Kotka: Autumnal colors

I’m definitely a coastal kind of girl. Every time I visit Kotka, which is a part of my childhood memories, I feel like I’m home. It’s not the city. It’s the sea, the flat terrain of the coast (the ancient seabed area), the smell of the sea, the fact that where you have sea you have this invisible route to anywhere with the feeling that you are free. For so many years I’ve lived in the middle of Finland and I’ve noticed how much I miss all those coastal kind of things. Maybe I’ll get the sea back, soon. Okay, enough of the poetic thoughts. So I visited Kotka and I know I’ve been telling about it’s awesome parks in other blog posts as well but they are so amazing in each season. All the autumn colors I witnessed with this turn were so beautiful. I really love the plant combinations, the use of different grasses within flower beds. Just look at these! If you’re visiting Kotka, check these parks out: Sibelius park (Sibeliuspuisto) Isopuisto …

The Parks of Kotka

It’s always nice to go back to the places from your childhood. Last weekend I traveled to Kotka, a town by the sea in southeast Finland. My home village is almost 30 kilometres north but Kotka is a very familiar place for me because I spent my high school years there. The town centre is actually located on an island which is so cool. You’re surrounded by the sea everywhere you go. My Mom just moved to the centre and it was so nice to have short distance to every single beautiful park that I really love in Kotka. Because the parks of Kotka are the most award-winning parks in Finland. And yeah, that is so true! I’ve lived and visited the most largest cities in Finland and, sorry for saying this, they just don’t know how to design amazing parks. Heikki Laaksonen, the man behind these parks, is also a lover of modern art and you can see that when you walk in the town. You are surrounded by the beautiful art pieces. So …

Let’s float at Pier 55!

Exciting news reached to me few days ago! Another reason to go to New York. I’ve been following the planning for Pier 55, a floating garden park, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, collaborating with landscape architect Mathews Nielsen. The park is going to be floating over The Hudson River and the construction is starting this summer. The design images look amazing and inside the park there will be spaces for different events. Maybe I finally have to schedule the time for a vacation in NY… More cool info about the project here.   Kuulin taannoin jännittäviä uutisia! Taas uusi syy matkustaa New Yorkiin. Olen seuraillut Pier 55-nimisen kelluvan puiston suunnitteluprosessia jo jonkun aikaa. Puiston on suunnitellut Thomas Heatherwick, yhteistyössä maisema-arkkitehti Mathews Nielsenin kanssa. Puisto tulee kellumaan paalujen päällä Hudson-joella ja rakennus aloitetaan vihdoin tänä kesänä. Suunnittelukuvat näyttävät tajuttoman hienoilta ja puistosta tulee löytymään erilaisia tiloja erilaisille tapahtumille. Ehkä nyt vihdoin mun pitää varata kalenterista tilaa New Yorkin matkalle… Lisää siistejä yksityiskohtia projektista löytyy täältä.