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Going dirty and feminine with Maisie Cousins

When you see the images that Maisie Cousins creates with flowers, first comes a slight shock and you feel how your cheeks start to blush. Then immediately you are intrigued of the images that are so rude and at the same time so fascinating with raw beauty of flowers. You start to wonder how is it possible that pictures of flowers (that are usually so innocent) seem to be almost x-rated stuff??? But these definitely are. Maisie Cousins is a young artist from London who’s sliding in with her sexy flower photos to the art scene.  In her art she explores themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence. I’m loving how people are cherishing flowers and plants in a new kinda way. With a rebellious and adventurous mind. Advertisements

21st century still life by Vilma Pimenoff

I’m so in love with these artworks by Finnish photographer and visual artist Vilma Pimenoff. The fruit and flowers that she uses in a clever and modern way in her photographs of course do the trick for me. Especially the title series 21st century still life photos that create an illusion of real flowers bouquets but they are actually created with plastic tablecloths. Genious and beautiful!

Graduate’s flowers

OMG, I adore this flower work made by Flora and Laura!!! The photo is surrealistic and beautiful at the same time. And it’s inspired by this old photo from 1890’s!!! World of flowers is so amazing. Voi taivas, miten mahtavia kukkajuttuja Floralta ja Lauralta!!! Tuo kuva on jotenkin niin surrealistinen ja kaunis yhtä aikaa. Ja se on hakenut inspiraatiota tuosta vanhasta kuvasta 1890-luvulta!!! Kukkien maailma on kyllä ihmeellinen.

food cubes

Perfect cubes

Our world is full of wonderful plants that product delicious and colorful fruit. And although I love the natural and organic way of things I’m also always intrigued when natural world meets modern, graphical and geometric world. That’s why I love the work of Dutch artists Lernert & Sander who have made 98 perfect cubes from raw food, including those wonderful vegetables and fruit. Just look at how beautiful every little cube looks! The kale, the corn, the pink grapefruit. Like piece of art!   Maailmamme on täynnä mahtavia kasveja, jotka tuottavat herkullisia ja värikkäitä hedelmiä. Ja vaikka tykkäänkin kaikesta luonnollisesta ja orgaanisesta, mua kiehtoo myös se kun luonnonmukainen maailma kohtaa modernin, graafisen ja geometrisen maailman. Siksi rakastankin hollantilaisen taiteilijaduon Lernert & Sanderin työstä, jossa he ovat veistäneet 98 täydellistä kuutiota raa’asta ruuasta, mukaanlukien nuo kaikki ihanat vihannekset ja hedelmät. Katsokaas nyt miten kauniita pikkukuutioita! Kaali, maissi, verigreippi. Jokainen kuin pieni taideteos!