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DIY: Sprouting seeds

I can’t get enough of seeds at the moment. I know, I know, it’s the spring. Now I tried sprouting different seeds I found from our home: mustard seeds, lettuce seeds, peas, anything! Different sprouts taste different, for example, little mustard seedlings are so strong flavoured, perfect add to salads, on top of bread or decorative elements for a fancy dinner dish. Here’s some instructions for you to enjoy sprouting, too.   Juuri nyt en saa tarpeekseni kaikenlaisista siemenistä. Tiiän, tiiän, se on tää kevät. Kokeilin myös pitkästä aikaa versotusta kaikenlaisilla siemenillä, joita kotoa löytyi: sinapinsiemeniä, salaatin siemeniä, herneitä, mitä vain! Erilaiset versot ja idut maistuvat erilaisilta, esimerkiksi pienet sinapinsiementen versot maistuvat todella voimakkailta, täydellisiä salaatteihin, leivän päälle tai koristeeksi hienoihin illallisannoksiin. Tässä muutamia neuvoja versotukseen.    

DIY: Sowing seeds

Last year I got super-excited when we moved to a new apartment with huge balcony in March. Maybe someone remembers this post where I sowed lots of seeds for the upcoming balcony garden. Well, something that I learned from last summer is that “sow less seeds this spring”. Although I’m so waiting for the spring and summer to come just because I want to start my balcony garden again, I decided that I forbid myself of buying any new seeds this year. I actually donated away most of the seeds from last year. Here are the ones that I learned that are not a good idea for small spaces (and impatient gardener like myself): Brussels sprout, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, flower seeds…  (Lettuce is perfect for small spaces but I noticed that it needs a lot of attention with watering and everything. It’s like an infant child among the teenagers and you just cannot leave it alone for a few hours.) The good ones: herbs like coriander, basil, mint, small tomato, black kale (or Lacinato kale) and komatsuna. So this …


How’s the seedlings?

It’s been now 10 days since I sow our seeds and lots of growth has been happening. The beans are just crazy, they grow so fast that I know I’m gonna be in trouble soon. Also the komatsuna seedlings are up and rising like there’s no tomorrow. Not in so hurry are the basil, mint, onion, violet and zucchini seedlings although they are all growing steadily. It’s so much fun and also quite amazing to see all that life pushing its way from the soil. Life is full of miracles! And maybe we’ll have a huge and luscious kitchen garden soon. P.S. I couldn’t resist to sow a few more seeds that I got: kale ‘Black Magic’ (Brassica oleracea) broccoli ‘Redhead (Brassica oleracea var. italica) brussels sprout ‘Trafalgar F1 Hybrid’ (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera)   Nyt on 10 päivää siitä kun kylvin meidän pikku siemenet ja paljon kasvua on tapahtunut sen jälkeen. Pavut ovat ihan hulluja, ne kasvavat niin nopeasti, että olen kohta pulassa niiden kanssa. Samoin komatsunan taimet kasvavat kuin huomista ei olisikaan. Ei-niin-kiireisiä ovat basilika, minttu, …

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Sowing seeds for the upcoming balcony garden

In the previous post we had some diy ideas for seed pots and now we will sow seeds in them! The spring and the new balcony madness has been so much fun and (as you noticed in our balcony plans) we got a bit excited when ordering the seeds (the herbs and vegetables we ordered from Hyötykasviyhdistys and the chilis from Fatalii). I divided the seeds into two groups: the ones I should sow now to get the party started and the ones that I can put right into the ground in May. You can find clear instructions from the bag to find out when is the right time to do the job for each seeds. Most of the seeds were quite small so they don’t need to be soaked but bigger ones like zucchini and bean I soaked for about 6 hours. The group that was now ready for a head start includes these: lesser catmint/basil thyme (Clinopodium nepeta) mammoth basil (Ocimum basilicum) zucchini ‘Tondo Chiaro di Nizza’ (Cucurbita pepo) komatsuna/Japanese mustard spinach (Brassica rapa var. …

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DIY: Recycled seeding pots

Here’s a tip how to use many materials found from your home to make recycled seeding pots. You’ll save money and nature. And it’s fun to do these also, so let the little crafting moment begin. You only need old newspapers, egg cartons and carton shells from toilet papers. Then scissors or knife and a straigh-sided glass or a little bottle. That’s it.   Täältä tulee vinkki, miten hyödynnät kotoa löytyviä materiaaleja idätysruukkujen valmistukseen. Siinä säästyy rahaa ja luontoa. Ja kaiken lisäksi näiden tekeminen on hauskaa, joten aloitetaanpas pieni askartelutuokiomme. Tarvitset ainoastaan vanhoja sanomalehtiä, munakennoja ja talous- ja vessapaperihylsyjä. Myös sakset tai mattoveitsi sekä suorareunainen lasi tai pullo. Näillä mennään.   CARTON SHELLS Cut the longer shells into two pieces. Toilet paper shells are the right size already. Then use scissors or knife to cut the shell in four places, just about 2 cm from the bottom, straigh lines. Fold the bottom of the shell to make it a little cup. It doesn’t matter if the carton seeding pot doesn’t stand straight at first. When you add the …