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mikko laakkonen ukki


Show me anything with traditional Finnish woodwork included and I usually like it. So happened with this table called Ukki (the Finnish word for grandfather) by designer Mikko Laakkonen. The shingle basket base combined with simple wood form is so beautiful and so Scandinavian. I’m in need for more designs like this!   Näyttäkää mulle mitä vain, joka sisältää perinteisiä suomalaisia puutyötaitoja ja yleensä tykkään siitä. Niin tapahtui myös tämän Ukki-pöydän kanssa, jonka suunnittelija on Mikko Laakkonen. Pärekoripohja yhdistettynä yksinkertaiseen muotoon ja vielä puumateriaalista tehtynä on niin kaunista ja niin skandinaavista. Tarvitsen lisää tällaista designia! Advertisements

Old shingle roof

On one of our walks we bumped into this old bulletin board with a wonderful shingle roof. I just love the way the shingle has gone old and grey. Just beautiful!   Yhdellä kävelyretkellä törmäsimme tähän vanhaan ilmoitustauluun, jossa oli aivan ihana pärekatto. Miä rakastan sitä, miten tuo päre on vanhentunut ja harmaantunut. Todella kaunista!

Reino Halin shingle roof

Shingle roof making with Reino Halin

This post will be the first one in a series that I’ve been planning to make for this blog. Because I want to share with you something cool that I found from Youtube. By now you might have noticed that I’m kinda into folk things and traditional craftsmanship. Finland has so many wonderful traditional techniques that have been slowly dying and I try to do my part to keep them alive. So I bumped into videos by Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. They have made a video series about Reino Halin, a master of Finnish traditional craftsmanship. He is my new hero and I want you to get to know him, too. This man knows everything about our cultures crafting techniques, how to use different tools and materials and he is just inspirational. In this first video we learn how to make a traditional shingle roof. In Finland the shingle roofs started to appear at the end of 19th century when the nails became more common. The roofs were made with the help of all the …

shingle basket

Learning the shingle things

When you see the picture above I bet you go: “Well, that’s not too impressive”. But you know what?! That shingle basket was the very first that I made myself. Have you tried to make one? It’s not easy and my story started in a hot and sunny day last summer… I have always wanted to learn the craft of making a shingle basket. Unfortunately my grandfathers weren’t here long enough to teach me and I don’t know anyone who has that skill. I love the rough look of the basket and I use one almost every day when I go to the store. In the autumn it’s well in use when we are going to pick some mushroom. So last summer I accidentally found old bunch of shingles at my dad’s. He told me that those were the shingles that my grandpa once made. I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to try to make that basket. Well, I’m very independent and self-willed girl so I started to make one. …