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Sunday plants

I love slow Sundays. When you have actually time to nurse your plants, feed yourself some sunshine in form of grapefruits and just be. At winter time my daily plant world comprises of seasonal fruits, fresh herbs and flower bouquets. Everyone needs something green and fresh throughout the year.   Rakastan hitaita sunnuntaipäiviä. Kun on oikeasti aikaa hoitaa kasveja, syöttää itselleen hieman auringonpaistetta greippien muodossa ja kun saa vain olla. Talvisaikaan mun kodin kasvimaailma koostuu kauden hedelmistä, tuoreista yrteistä ja kukkakimpuista. Jokainen tarvii jotain vihreää ja tuoretta ympärilleen ympäri vuoden.   Advertisements

Loving: Grown and Gathered

I have to share this love of mine: Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered, two farmers and gardeners who live my dream in Australia. Their website/blog is amazing and I’ve been following them mostly on Instagram, dreaming about more simple, more natural life. But this world needs more people like these two. They produce ecological, sustainable seasonal and traditional food, they live simply and slowly, they trade their knowledge and products. And the designer in me loves how they have created a new and modern way to brand a traditional thing, making beautiful posters, visualities and website for them. Now I want to more to Australia and have my own little farm (and for you who now are thinking that why can’t I do that in Finland, let’s just say: the climate.) Mun on pakko jakaa ihastukseni: Matt ja Lentil, jotka muodostavat Grown and Gatheredin. Kaksi australialaista puutarhuria ja maanviljelijää, jotka elävät yhtä unelmaani. Heidän nettisivunsa/ja bloginsa on ihan mahtava ja enimmäkseen olen seurannut heitä Instagramissa parin vuoden ajan, unelmoiden yksinkertaisemmasta, luonnollisemmasta elämästä. Tämä maailma nimittäin tarvitsee enemmän Mattin …

deko luukku house

A tribute to Luukku house

  Yesterday morning I had my morning coffee with me and I decided to browse trough my old deko magazines. Randomly I chose a one from the summer of 2011. I was happily surprised when I noticed that the magazine included an article about one of the greatest and most innovative houses that I’ve ever seen: the Luukku house by Aalto university students. I first saw this zero-energy house in the summer of 2011 when I visited a Holiday Housing Fair in Mäntyharju. The wooden little cabin stood in the middle of the area and I was immediately intrigued. I loved the wooden exterior and I spent a very long time inside the house just admiring the innovative approach to living. All the little details were super smart and beautiful and although the space is only 42 square meters it seemed more bigger just because of the wonderful design. It was definitely my favorite building at the fair and from time to time I returned to think about it. And when the Luukku house bumped …

Natural home

It took me 30 years to realize what’s my style when it comes to the interior of my home. I had a too long retro period. It ended with my design studies over 10 years ago. I sold everything and traveled to India. When I came back, I liked everything with graphical prints, black & white, strong colour blocking. But when I became we and we moved in together few years ago, everything changed again. I think I found my home in my heart and I don’t mean our first apartment (which technically was quite awful). But there was light, there was space. I slowly sold again my old stuff. I wanted everything to be natural, neutral, kind of soft and simple, more close to nature. More wabi-sabi. The greatest thing is that we have the same taste when it comes to our home’s interior. We love raw wood, linen, white and neutrals, wool, leather, clay, making furniture ourselves, simplicity. There’s nothing better than washed and fresh white linen sheets in our futon bed. And this is the first …

sami tallberg wild herb cookbook

Wild herb cookbook

Sometimes it’s better to wait for something to be found than just spend money to get it right away. This happened with a book we just found from the flea market and it was so cheap. It’s Sami Tallberg‘s Wild Herb Cookbook that we’ve been talking about purchasing for a long time. The book is just meant for us because it combines the passions of us two: cooking and plants. The Chef loves the simple recipes and I love the facts of foraging plants for food. Perfect! I always knew that there’s so much to use in Finland’s nature, but this book finally gives me some instructions (and boy, I love the nonfiction and informational books). The book has sections for each foraged plant with one recipe to use it. There’s also information about the season charts and other useful things. (And also, I didn’t know that the book comes in English, too! I actually like it more that way.)   Joskus on parempaa ja mielenkiintoisempaa odotella jonkun asian tulevan löydetyksi kuin hankkia se isolla rahalla …

Finnish textiles

Craft Museum of Finland

When I moved to Jyväskylä the first things I decided was to visit the Craft Museum of Finland which is located here. Because I love traditional handcrafts and have almost made my living in that field of culture (maybe in the future I will). The museum is quite small but it has such a wonderful things inside it. Interactive things, old school crafts, beautiful textiles and modern ways of using traditional skills. Like carpenter Esa Niiranen‘s skateboards made of Finnish wood, birch bark and reclaimed old textiles. Totally worth visiting.   Kun muutin Jyväskylään, ensimmäisiä asioita joita päätin tehdä, oli käydä viimein Suomen käsityön museossa, joka siis täällä sijaitsee. Koska miä rakastan perinteisiä käsitöitä ja oon melkein siirtynyt työurallanikin siihen suuntaan (ehkä tulevaisuudessa vielä siirrynkin). Tuo museo on aika pieni, mutta silti se pitää sisällään kaikenlaisia ihastuttavia juttuja. Interaktiivisia asioita, vanhan ajan käsitöitä, kauniita tekstiilejä ja myös moderneja tapoja hyödyntää vanhoja perinteisiä tekniikoita. Kuten mallipuuseppä Esa Niirasen skeittilaudat, jotka on tehty suomalaisesta puusta, tuohesta ja kierrätetyistä vanhoista perinneliinoista. Ehdottomasti siis visiitin arvoinen paikka.

house plants

Green home

Although so much is happening now in our balcony garden I wanted to take a few moments inside our new apartment to introduce our plants there. I have always thought that a home without anything green and living is missing its soul. “The more, the better” has been my motto when getting house plants. I buy new ones every year. I also get some seedlings from my friends. There’s some plants that have been traveling with me for decades and some that are brand new. I’m also a cruel keeper. If I don’t like something anymore or I feel that the plant is slowly dying because of me, I get rid of it. That happens once in a while. When I was a teenager, I remember having a Fruit salad plant,(what a funny name!!!), Monstera deliciosa, and then I got bored with it growing too fast and big. I tried to kill it with different techniques but it didn’t die. I think it took almost 6 months to kill it because the last thing I did …

planting bean seedling

First ones out

As I told you earlier, the spring here has been slow and cold. But the seedlings have been growing and I noticed that the beans started to look unwell just because they had too small space. They needed to move into a bigger home so I decided it’s time for them to move out to the balcony. I was so excited to get the balcony into its summer look that I also bought some wonderful pelargoniums to give it a little colour. For growing the plants in the balcony we have some old wooden boxes and plastic ones that I use when moving. I covered the wooden boxes with a bit thicker plastic to keep the soil and moist contained. To the bottom I put a 5 cm layer of gravel, then a newspaper layer to keep the soil from the gravel and the added the soil. I then planted the seedlings of bean. I also wanted to give them company so I put some flower seeds like poppies and cornflowers into the soil. I also …

Strömsö garden

Garden in Strömsö / Strömsön puutarha / Trädgården på Strömsö

Did you watch Finland’s favorite lifestyle program Strömsö‘s gardening edition this spring? If you didn’t, I totally recommend to go catch it up in Yle Areena where you can watch all the episodes. Cool ideas for different kinds of gardens, including balconies and terraces. I also loved the episode where they brought bumble bees to the corner of their garden. I would love to have that, too!   Katsoitteko suomalaisten lemppari lifestyle-ohjelma Strömsön puutarhaversiota? Jos ette, niin suosittelen ehdottomasti tsekkaamaan Yle Areenasta, josta voi katsella kaikki jaksot. Mahtavia ideoita erilaisiin puutarhoihin, myös parvekkeille ja terasseille. Rakastin jaksoa, jossa strömsöläiset toivat puutarhansa nurkkaan oman mehiläispesän. Miäkin haluan sellaisen!

Reino Halin shingle roof

Shingle roof making with Reino Halin

This post will be the first one in a series that I’ve been planning to make for this blog. Because I want to share with you something cool that I found from Youtube. By now you might have noticed that I’m kinda into folk things and traditional craftsmanship. Finland has so many wonderful traditional techniques that have been slowly dying and I try to do my part to keep them alive. So I bumped into videos by Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services. They have made a video series about Reino Halin, a master of Finnish traditional craftsmanship. He is my new hero and I want you to get to know him, too. This man knows everything about our cultures crafting techniques, how to use different tools and materials and he is just inspirational. In this first video we learn how to make a traditional shingle roof. In Finland the shingle roofs started to appear at the end of 19th century when the nails became more common. The roofs were made with the help of all the …