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Grow in Space

You know that I love plants and astronomy. And I’m always interested when there’s new things going on: like NASA scientists testing how to grow vegetables and greens in the space. This specially designed greenhouse doesn’t only give you important nutrients but it also does air revitalization, water recycling or waste recycling. The idea is actually quite simple: the astronauts breath (hopefully) which makes carbon dioxide. As it happens, plants use that to photosynthesize. And that process creates oxygen for the astronauts to breath with the awesome side products for them to eat. There’s a natural cycle. Or a a bioregenerative life support system, as they say in NASA. And LED-lights provide the needed light.   Advertisements

Viride by Goula/Figuera – Experimental luminaries

  Art or something useful for your plant experiences? I’m not sure but this definitely looks beautiful and new. Plant luminaries by design studio Goula/Figuera are so interesting that of course I had to post them here. I think if I had this in my home I would just stare it for hours. I love all new innovations that have somehow intergrated plants and good product design. And look at this: there’s lights and vapor and its moving! How can you not like this?  


In collaboration with PlantLink:   Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning: I’m a gardener, I work in that field. But that doesn’t mean that when it comes to my own plants at home, I know what I’m doing. Well, I know what I should do but usually that doesn’t work. The instructions that I read from the books or I hear from my colleagues or customers don’t usually work at home when I try to tend my green babies. In my case this old phrase is so correct: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. And I think it’s just because I’m lazy. I love plants but I don’t remember to water them correctly, or fertilize or anything more! So you see my problem. But when I got the change to test something new, cool and a bit nerdy to help me with my laziness with watering I wanted to try (and yeah, new technology with plants interests me a lot). Let me introduce: PlantLink! The PlantLink is a wireless soil monitoring system which tells you how often you …


Edyn Smart Garden System

Take a look at your gardening future! Edyn Smart Garden System is actually quite cool. I’ve been waiting for some kind of modern technology system or app for gardening and maybe this is it. The whole Edyn project started on Kickstarter one year ago. And now it’s ready for us regular users. The yellow solar-powered sensor is planted in your soil where the sensor monitors your garden’s environmental conditions like humidity, air temperature and sunlight. Then you get guidance to your Edyn app and it’s easier for you to know how much to water your plants or what’s wrong with them. I don’t know if the sensor checks also the soil’s pH (acidity) but that would be an awesome thing, too. Apps for easy gardening are still hard to find (because I think no one makes them) so it’s so nice to see Edyn blossom. Tsekatkaapas puutarhan hoidon tulevaisuuteen! Edyn Smart Garden System on oikeastaan aika cool! Oonkin odottanut jotain modernia ja helppoa teknologiaa puutarhan hoidon avuksi ja ehkä tämä on se. Koko Edyn projekti sai alkunsa Kickstarterissa …