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Rodarte loves Baby’s-breath

This trend has been coming for a while but now Rodarte with its spring 2018 collection probably made the baby’s-breath a trend-on-spot. With using this delicate and romantic plant (Gypsophila) in a modern way with the latest fashion designs they brushed all the 80’s kinda dust away from it. Because all the florists out there know that baby’s-breath is almost boring as it’s the most wanted filling flower for traditional flower bouquets (see that older lady coming in your flower shop and wanting to stuck the baby’s breath in every of your floral designs…?). Photos from here, here and here. Advertisements

DIY: Hanging staghorn fern

For years I’ve been hunting for this fern that you might have seen often in Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. Staghorn fern (Platycerium ssp.) is definitely not just a plant but also an interior item if you want to give your home that jungle hipster look. But the thing is that the staghorn ferns are not easy to find here in Finland. For so many years I never found them anywhere. This year I’ve seen a few but most of the times they are rather expensive or looking not that well. Then I visited my nearest garden shop and found smaller staghorn ferns just for 5 €!!! The first one I bought for my friend who have been searching for this plant also vigorously. And then today I went back and got myself one, too. Staghorn fern is a bit different when it comes to the care and soil that it needs. That’s why I made my fern more like kokedama. Staghorn ferns are natural to tropical and they live clinging to tree barks. So adding some …

Plant trends 2016

I guess the most interesting thing in my job at the garden center is planning the next year’s products. At the moment the big orders are being made for the spring 2016 and I know what’s coming up! Of course there are some old favourites like rhododendrons, pear trees and some other good old stuff but I decided you should get a sneak peak of the “newcomers”. Well, actually the “newcomers” are quite old species, too, but – you know – they’re trending. The overall trend is going to be that there’s lot’s of bold and brave colors in plants: the foliage, the stems, the flowers. Plants like Berberis and Cornus. Then comes more natural plants like different kinds of moss and grass. The perfectly cut green football kinda grass is so out! Relax and let the moss conquer your lawn (and it’s so easy: just forget to lime and aerate)! Or just make your own meadow with different kinds of grass. I think these are all kind of graphical plants, too. Lots of straight …