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Grow in Space

You know that I love plants and astronomy. And I’m always interested when there’s new things going on: like NASA scientists testing how to grow vegetables and greens in the space. This specially designed greenhouse doesn’t only give you important nutrients but it also does air revitalization, water recycling or waste recycling. The idea is actually quite simple: the astronauts breath (hopefully) which makes carbon dioxide. As it happens, plants use that to photosynthesize. And that process creates oxygen for the astronauts to breath with the awesome side products for them to eat. There’s a natural cycle. Or a a bioregenerative life support system, as they say in NASA. And LED-lights provide the needed light.   Advertisements

Loving: Grown and Gathered

I have to share this love of mine: Matt and Lentil from Grown and Gathered, two farmers and gardeners who live my dream in Australia. Their website/blog is amazing and I’ve been following them mostly on Instagram, dreaming about more simple, more natural life. But this world needs more people like these two. They produce ecological, sustainable seasonal and traditional food, they live simply and slowly, they trade their knowledge and products. And the designer in me loves how they have created a new and modern way to brand a traditional thing, making beautiful posters, visualities and website for them. Now I want to more to Australia and have my own little farm (and for you who now are thinking that why can’t I do that in Finland, let’s just say: the climate.) Mun on pakko jakaa ihastukseni: Matt ja Lentil, jotka muodostavat Grown and Gatheredin. Kaksi australialaista puutarhuria ja maanviljelijää, jotka elävät yhtä unelmaani. Heidän nettisivunsa/ja bloginsa on ihan mahtava ja enimmäkseen olen seurannut heitä Instagramissa parin vuoden ajan, unelmoiden yksinkertaisemmasta, luonnollisemmasta elämästä. Tämä maailma nimittäin tarvitsee enemmän Mattin …

rosendals garden

Rosendals Trädgård / Rosendal’s Garden

One more from Stockholm. Because this was the greatest thing of all and I don’t think that so many visitors even know this place exist so close to the centrum. It’s Rosendal’s biodynamic garden which is located in the middle of the Djurgården island. For a gardener like me (I like everything to be precise in a natural kind of way, keep places clean, have lots of usefull plants cultivated but still make something look modern and stylish) the Rosendal’s garden was like a dream come true. The garden appears after a green and luscious old park and first you see a wide open field with straight lines of plants. Then you start to look around and see different kinds of ‘rooms’, different areas with different purposes. There is a fenced little commercial garden with white greenhouse for just reading and keeping little workshops. There are larger fields for vegetables, root vegetables and other useful plants. There is a small country house with it’s private and beautiful garden. An orchard with hundreds of apple trees, a rose …

Black man’s willy and other balcony stuff

Slowly but firmly the balcony garden is getting greener and bigger. So here’s a few pics from there. I also love the fact that the purple bell vine (Rhodochiton atrosanguineus) that I bought for our balcony is commonly called a Black man’s willy. Quite, well, enchanting.   Hitaasti mutta varmasti parvekepuutarhamme vain rehevöityy ja suurenee. Joten tässä muutamia kuvia sieltä. Rakastan myös sitä, että ostamani keijunmekon (Rhodochiton atrosanguineus) kansankielinen nimi englanniksi on Black man’s willy (osaatte varmaan itse suomentaa…). Aika viaton on tuo “keijunmekko” siihen verrattuna. Aika, noh, kiehtovaa.    


Balcony garden extravaganza

Everything is out!!! The fact is I got bored and then I got inspired by the few hours of sunshine yesterday. There’s still going to be cold nights but I just couldn’t hold my horses any longer. I planted the zucchini seedlings out into the reclaimed buildings trash bags. Then I bought two cherry tomato seedlings, ‘Black Magic’ which makes beautiful and sweet brown-red tomatoes. Like chocolate tomatoes. They are now in one of the wooden boxes. The kales were planted, too, and with them I planted some salad mix seeds and sweet peas. So everything I planned are now actually growing in our balcony. From now on it’s just watering and taking care of them. I also want some colour there so I bought a few bright-coloured pelargoniums there. I have to add some more colour later.   Kaikki taimet ovat ulkona!!! Totuus on, että miä kyllästyin odottamaan ja sitten eilen intouduin muutamasta auringonpaisteisesta tunnista. Ihan varmasti edessä on kylmiä öitä, mutta en vaan pystynyt enää. Istutin jopa kesäkurpitsan taimet ulos kierrätettyihin rakennustyömaan roskapusseihin. Ostin …

zucchini flowers

Zucchini sex!

I gave a little help for my zucchinis. Because all of the three seedlings are beautifully blooming! To get a good harvest from them I assisted their pollination (basically I was the third wheel in their sex life). I twiddled their anthers (the male part of the plants) with a cotton swab and then changed to the flowers with stigmas (the female parts). Hopefully the result is lots of zucchinis!   Autoin hieman mun kesäkurpitsoja. Koska kaikki ne kolme tainta kukkivat jo ihanasti! Jotta satoa saataisiin runsaasti, niin avustin siis hieman pölytyksessä (toisin sanoen toimin kolmantena pyöränä kasvieni seksielämässä). Pyörittelin pumpulipuikkoa ensin kukissa, joissa oli siitepölyä (eli heteissä) ja sitten vaihdoin kukkiin, joista löytyi emi. Toivottavasti tuloksena syntyy paljon kesäkurpitsoja!    

food cubes

Perfect cubes

Our world is full of wonderful plants that product delicious and colorful fruit. And although I love the natural and organic way of things I’m also always intrigued when natural world meets modern, graphical and geometric world. That’s why I love the work of Dutch artists Lernert & Sander who have made 98 perfect cubes from raw food, including those wonderful vegetables and fruit. Just look at how beautiful every little cube looks! The kale, the corn, the pink grapefruit. Like piece of art!   Maailmamme on täynnä mahtavia kasveja, jotka tuottavat herkullisia ja värikkäitä hedelmiä. Ja vaikka tykkäänkin kaikesta luonnollisesta ja orgaanisesta, mua kiehtoo myös se kun luonnonmukainen maailma kohtaa modernin, graafisen ja geometrisen maailman. Siksi rakastankin hollantilaisen taiteilijaduon Lernert & Sanderin työstä, jossa he ovat veistäneet 98 täydellistä kuutiota raa’asta ruuasta, mukaanlukien nuo kaikki ihanat vihannekset ja hedelmät. Katsokaas nyt miten kauniita pikkukuutioita! Kaali, maissi, verigreippi. Jokainen kuin pieni taideteos!

pots seedlings

Thinning out the seedlings

I was hoping to get my seedlings ready to be potted and planted straight to the balcony garden from their original paper pots in May. But the weather has been so annoying, the temperatures fluctuating and yesterday it was snowing like there’s no tomorrow. I cannot even think about moving the plants to the balcony. The seedlings have been growing bigger and bigger and they need more space. So I made a decision to pot the herbs (basil and mint), pot also the zucchini seedlings and thin out komatsuna and kale seedlings. The beans also needed a stakes, they are getting so long. After doing this operation I hope that I can keep the seedlings inside the apartment and growing at least two more weeks because I do not trust that weather. Miä toivoin, että toukokuussa olisin jo voinut istuttaa keittiöpuutarhani taimet suoraan parvekkeelle lopullisiin istutuslaatikkoihinsa ja ruukkuihin pois niistä paperisista kasvatusruukuista. Mutta sää on ollut niin ärsyttävä, lämpötilat heitelleet ja eilen satoi luntakin, ihan kuin mikään ei riittäisi. En uskalla vielä edes ajatella kasvien siirtämistä …