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sami tallberg wild herb cookbook

Wild herb cookbook

Sometimes it’s better to wait for something to be found than just spend money to get it right away. This happened with a book we just found from the flea market and it was so cheap. It’s Sami Tallberg‘s Wild Herb Cookbook that we’ve been talking about purchasing for a long time. The book is just meant for us because it combines the passions of us two: cooking and plants. The Chef loves the simple recipes and I love the facts of foraging plants for food. Perfect! I always knew that there’s so much to use in Finland’s nature, but this book finally gives me some instructions (and boy, I love the nonfiction and informational books). The book has sections for each foraged plant with one recipe to use it. There’s also information about the season charts and other useful things. (And also, I didn’t know that the book comes in English, too! I actually like it more that way.)   Joskus on parempaa ja mielenkiintoisempaa¬†odotella jonkun asian tulevan l√∂ydetyksi kuin hankkia se isolla rahalla …