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red willow

Bending willow

I found this gorgeous red willow and I just had to make something out of it. This is the perfect time to collect willow as its buds haven’t still burst to grow (in Finland always ask the permission of the land owner to cut the willow or then buy willow rods for weaving from your local supplier). I didn’t have any idea what I would make but it turned out to be a taller stand for flowers. The stand also helps creeper plants to hold up. I think later I will put the stand in a pot, plant creeper below and some flowers on top. I started the weaving process by selecting the thickest branches, took an uneven amount of them and tied them together with thin branch. With uneven number the weaving goes along nicely. After that I held the bunch up to start the weaving with thinner branches going by turns in front and back of the branches. Then just keep going until you have the height that you want. Cut the ugly …