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deko luukku house

A tribute to Luukku house

  Yesterday morning I had my morning coffee with me and I decided to browse trough my old deko magazines. Randomly I chose a one from the summer of 2011. I was happily surprised when I noticed that the magazine included an article about one of the greatest and most innovative houses that I’ve ever seen: the Luukku house by Aalto university students. I first saw this zero-energy house in the summer of 2011 when I visited a Holiday Housing Fair in Mäntyharju. The wooden little cabin stood in the middle of the area and I was immediately intrigued. I loved the wooden exterior and I spent a very long time inside the house just admiring the innovative approach to living. All the little details were super smart and beautiful and although the space is only 42 square meters it seemed more bigger just because of the wonderful design. It was definitely my favorite building at the fair and from time to time I returned to think about it. And when the Luukku house bumped …

Natural home

It took me 30 years to realize what’s my style when it comes to the interior of my home. I had a too long retro period. It ended with my design studies over 10 years ago. I sold everything and traveled to India. When I came back, I liked everything with graphical prints, black & white, strong colour blocking. But when I became we and we moved in together few years ago, everything changed again. I think I found my home in my heart and I don’t mean our first apartment (which technically was quite awful). But there was light, there was space. I slowly sold again my old stuff. I wanted everything to be natural, neutral, kind of soft and simple, more close to nature. More wabi-sabi. The greatest thing is that we have the same taste when it comes to our home’s interior. We love raw wood, linen, white and neutrals, wool, leather, clay, making furniture ourselves, simplicity. There’s nothing better than washed and fresh white linen sheets in our futon bed. And this is the first …

reino halin

Making a spruce rope and beams with Reino Halin

The video series about the traditional wood master Reino Halin continues. This episode is definitely a hardcore one as wooden beams are not every girl’s cup of tea. But still I can just admire the knowledge of this man.   Videosarja perinteisten puutöiden taitajan Reino Halinin seurassa jatkuu. Tämä jakso on hieman hardcore, koska harvemmin itsekään tulee tarvittua massiivista puupalkkia (joskus tietysti voi tulla ajankohta, kun sellaista kaipaa). Mutta silti ei voi muuta kuin ihailla tämän miehen tietotaitoa.

Reino Halin wooden fence

Making a wooden fence with Reino Halin

Everyone in Scandinavia knows this wooden fence type, usually made of spruce (Picea abies). Reino Halin, the master, shows us how to make one in this second episode of the video series about traditional Finnish craftsmanship.   Kaikki Skandinaviassa asuvat tietävät tämän puuaitamallin, joka yleensä tehdään tavallisesta kuusesta (Picea abies). Suomalaisen perinnekäsityön videosarjan toisessa jaksossa Reino Halin, mestarimme, näyttää meille miten puuaita tehdään.

Full Grown

Full Grown

Growing your furniture?! Sounds a bit weird but why not? The technique is called botanical manufacturing and Full Grown is its pioneer. Headed by a furniture designer Gavin Munro, Full Grown wanted to challenge the way we think about furniture and how to make them by growing the furniture. At the moment they have a field in Derbyshire, UK, where they nurture 400 tables, chairs and lampshades. They have made special plastic moulds which they use to train the plant to grow in which shape they want. By pruning, patience and nurturing the plants, mainly willow, in five years Full Grown has made a unique piece of furniture. The furniture doesn’t have any joints so they will last longer. How cool is this!   Omien huonekalujen kasvatus?! Kuulostaa hieman oudolta, mutta toisaalta miksei? Tekniikan (englanniksi nimeltään “botanical manufacturing”, suomeksi ehkä jotain “kasvitieteellinen valmistus”) pioneerinä toimii Full Grown, jonka on perustanut huonekalusuunnittelija Gavin Munro. Hän halusi haastaa sen, mitä ajattelemme huonekaluista ja miten niitä valmistetaan. Tällä hetkellä yrityksellä on pelto Derbyshiressä, Englannissa. Tällä hetkellä siellä hoidetaan  ja kasvatetaan 400 pöytää, tuolia ja …

shingle basket

Learning the shingle things

When you see the picture above I bet you go: “Well, that’s not too impressive”. But you know what?! That shingle basket was the very first that I made myself. Have you tried to make one? It’s not easy and my story started in a hot and sunny day last summer… I have always wanted to learn the craft of making a shingle basket. Unfortunately my grandfathers weren’t here long enough to teach me and I don’t know anyone who has that skill. I love the rough look of the basket and I use one almost every day when I go to the store. In the autumn it’s well in use when we are going to pick some mushroom. So last summer I accidentally found old bunch of shingles at my dad’s. He told me that those were the shingles that my grandpa once made. I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to try to make that basket. Well, I’m very independent and self-willed girl so I started to make one. …

Pro Puu art

Pro Puu Association

Yesterday I spent the day at Lahti. One of the interesting places that I’ve been dreaming of visiting for a while now is Pro Puu Association and its center. The association is a modern guild of wood professionals like craftsmen, designers and architects. They are housed in a former match factory, a wonderful red brick building, just by the lake and harbour. There they have a gallery space and a shop but also spaces for the craftsmen to work. In the gallery there have been quite interesting exhibitions like one about Japanese wood joints. And the shop is full of beautiful wood work from different professionals. Every item has a modern Scandinavian feeling but with a touch of old world. You could just feel how much talent, skills and understanding of the materials everything these had in it. Respect.   Vietin eilisen päivän Lahdessa. Yksi mielenkiintoisimman kuuloisista paikoista, jossa mun on pitänyt käydä jo jonkun aikaa, on Pro Puu -keskus. Pro Puu ry on vähän niin kuin moderni kilta, joka kokoaa yhteen kaikki puualan ammattilaiset: puusepät, suunnittelijat ja arkkitehdit. Keskus …